Configuration Manager 1608 Technical Preview New Features

This post briefs you about Configuration Manager 1608 technical preview new features. Yes the Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1608 has been released. With every Technical Preview of Configuration Manager a lot of features are being added. There are lot of issues that are also being fixed with each release. You can install the Configuration Manager 1608 technical preview to get the additional features to your Configuration Manager technical preview site. Note that you should install the technical preview in your lab environment. You can find the SCCM 1608 technical preview update available in SCCM console. If you are installing it from scratch with base version as Tech preview 1603, then you can download from TechNet Evaluation Center.

Configuration Manager 1608 Technical Preview new features

Here are some of the new features in Configuration Manager 1608 Technical Preview.

  1. Software Center Improvements – There has been some great improvements in Software Center. When an user requests for an application, the application request history can be now seen in Application Details view in Software Center. If the user clicks on request button, it would not redirect to the Application Catalog.
  2. Asset Intelligence Improvements – In this preview, you can find a new field added to the properties for inventoried software. This will lets you set a parent and child relationship with other software. You can now view the parent of any software and also hide all child software. Once you define parent to child relationships, you can filter your view to only show software that is a parent or that has no defined relationship.
  3. Remote Control Keyboard Translation Issues Fixed – When an admin takes a remote control of user’s computer, there would be problem if the keyboard configurations were different at each end. This issue has been resolved now. What ever key the viewer types in, the same key arrives at sharer end.
  4. Improvements in Prepare ConfigMgr Client for Capture task sequence step – starting with this preview, instead of removing key information, the configuration manager client will be removed. So when you deploy a captured OS, the configuration manager client is installed freshly.

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