WSUS Update Catalog Add Button Missing

While manually importing updates into WSUS, you might find the Add button missing in Microsoft Update Catalog. When launching the Microsoft Update Catalog from WSUS, no option is available to allow for importing content into WSUS.

Recently we published a post on importing updates in WSUS manually. After few days I started getting comments that Add button and view basket option was missing in Microsoft update catalog.

I don’t see the option for “View Basket” & “Add” in my WSUS console. Currently I am running SCCM 1902 in my production environment. I have tried accessing Microsoft Update Catalog site on IE, Chrome & Firefox, but still not getting those options available. Waiting for your reply & solutions.

When a click on view basket I obtain a window that shows me only download button but not Import button. Is there something that I missed?

Fix WSUS Update Catalog Add Button Missing

If you’re noticing the same behavior where you don’t see Add button and View Basket option in update catalog, here is the solution for it.

Step 1 – Run the WSUS console as Administrator

Probably I missed covering this step in my earlier post. When you launch WSUS console, run it as administrator.

Run the WSUS console as Administrator
Run the WSUS console as Administrator

When you launch the WSUS console, expand your server and click Updates. On the right pane, under Actions section, click Import Updates.

WSUS Import Updates

Step 2 – Use Internet Explorer browser

I know this is too old browser however use the Internet Explorer browser when you import updates into WSUS.

When you click Import Updates in WSUS console, it opens the update catalog link in Internet Explorer. Now you may find it blank because it requires an add-on that you must install.

WSUS Update Catalog Add Button Missing

You will see a bottom bar to install the add-on. So click Install. If you have installed the add-on and in case if it’s disabled, you can click Allow to run Windows Update v8 add-on.

WSUS Update Catalog Add Button Missing

In addition, you can find the information about this add-on under Manage Add-ons section in Internet Explorer.

WSUS Update Catalog Add Button Missing

Alright, so refresh the browser and you should now see the Search box and View Basket option on Microsoft Update Catalog page.

Type in the update number and click Search. In the next step, add the updates that you wish to import into WSUS by clicking Add button.

I hope this post helps.

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