Upload Custom Background in Microsoft Teams

In this post I will show you how to upload custom background in Microsoft Teams app. Microsoft Teams makes it easier to upload your own background images to video meetings.

One of the most interesting feature of video calling apps is the ability to support custom background images.

Using these custom backgrounds, you set up an image behind you that’s different than your actual surroundings.

Custom backgrounds in Teams are useful especially when you want to turn on your video and hide the background or probably blur it.

Most of all Microsoft teams comes with some good collection of backgrounds. However if you need a custom background of your choice, you are free to use that.

Before we go further, if you haven’t downloaded Microsoft Teams yet, you can download latest version from here.

Upload Custom Background in Microsoft Teams

To upload a custom background in Microsoft Teams.

  • First of all launch Microsoft Teams.
  • Within a video call, select the More actions button (click three dots).
  • Now click Show Background effects.
  • To add a custom background, on the top right corner, click Add new.


Upload a background image of your choice. Under Background Settings, the custom background image will appear at the bottom. Select the Custom Image.

Set Custom Background in Microsoft Teams
Set Custom Background in Microsoft Teams

While you are in a Teams meeting, you can still add a custom background. Click Show background effects.

Show Background Effects
Show Background Effects

Select either the custom image or the ones that are included with Teams and click Apply. Also before you apply, you can click Preview button to see how the background looks.

In a Teams meeting, you can also switch the backgrounds to your choice. I personally love this feature because no matter where you are, you can simply blur your background or apply a fancy background.

Upload Custom Background in Microsoft Teams

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