1. Thanks for the help, it really worked

  2. You are God-sent. Your parents should be proud of you. Thank you very much.

  3. Avatar photo Manjhi umashankar says:

    It was helpful for me

    Thanks a lot

  4. Thank you. I would have gone crazy because of all difficulties Microsoft creates for users, if there was no help from helpful people like you.

  5. Niice, it worked for me as well.

  6. Thank you so much! I hate microsoft!

  7. Avatar photo Steve Clancy says:

    gpedit.msc. does not exist in Windows 10 Home, which wasn’t mentioned. How do I fix this in W10 Home?

    1. Same problem here. “gpedit.msc. does not exist in Windows 10 Home, which wasn’t mentioned.” Searching for “modify group policy” finds nothing because it doesn’t exist on W10 home. W10 has blocked Classic Shell, which I have been using for years. Is there any way to fix this on W10 home?

    2. you can actually install gpedit.msc into win 10 home via PowerShell, but in my case I have that same message about it is being blocked for gpedit.msc itself

  8. Avatar photo Arlene Puentes says:

    Thank you. This did the trick!

  9. Avatar photo Andrew Koenigsberg says:

    Thank you. I was setting up a DOD secure host baseline configuration on my computer and all of the sudden, I got this message when I tried to run some apps. This fixed it.

  10. Avatar photo Augustus c Weedor says:

    It worked for me. Thank you so much.

    1. Avatar photo Srinivasa says:

      It worked for me.

      Thanks a lot.

  11. You legend, much appreciated for providing this fix! Worked great for me.

  12. Thanx a lot sir…been fixed

    1. Awesome. Thank you so much. Have been struggling with this.

  13. Awesome, many thanks, worked a treat. You hero!

  14. Avatar photo happy user says:

    Worked for me.
    Thanks for the instructions.

  15. Avatar photo Rakesh Singh says:

    did not work for me 🙁

  16. Thank you very much for the fix!!!!
    I have gone through many attempts and made many strange changes with no luck at fixing this aggravating problem. your fix worked perfectly. Very much appreciated.

  17. Avatar photo Ron Perez says:

    Hello Prajwal,
    Thank you for your post, would there be any reason why only 1 application is experiencing this UAC blocking? Mine starts happening when I revert back to the previous version of the app, after developer release a faulty update.

  18. Avatar photo Bharadwaj Mattam says:

    thanks a lot it worked!!!

  19. Well done Prajwal, it worked !!!

  20. Avatar photo REEZA WAHYUDI says:

    Thank you very much. finally resolved. I am Indonesian. Once again, thank you.

  21. Thank You!!!

  22. I can’t thank you enough, my stomach was churning already with this win10 bullshit. Thank you!!!

  23. This worked for Alienware AlienFX Editor. Previous solution was to open the exe from a command prompt, so it’s not like it was “secure” in the first place. Just annoying. Thank you.

  24. Wow!!! My MATLAB application has now been installed.

    Thank you.

  25. Windows 10 just upgraded to version 1909 and it blocked ClassicShell. That’s criminal.

  26. Avatar photo chessking says:

    Really useful post. Thanks!

  27. Thanks alot
    It was so helpful

  28. rely i solve this error perfectly thanks more

  29. Avatar photo NATHAN MIRANDA says:

    Actual fix, not bypassing UAC, but resolving the certificate issue at the root of things.

  30. Thank you, it’s worked

  31. Fantastic. Thank you. Getting this error when trying to open software included with my mobo (Asus Aura), and running as admin every damn time is unacceptable. This nipped it in the bud!

  32. I get this error when trying to open gpedit… so….

  33. Any idea how to address this with Win 10 Home? Same issue, but no gpedit…

    1. Avatar photo Kevin Shibu says:

      Just search for modify group policy then click on it and do the required steps.

  34. It worked!!! I can run my portable app without issues

    Thank you very much!

  35. Avatar photo badbanana says:

    you switched off the UAC! that’s not a solution/fix !!

    1. You’re wrong, it does fix it…

      Thanks for the fix!

      1. It does not. I have tried it too. It won’t.

        1. yup it works, maybe check your key strokes

    2. Avatar photo NATHAN MIRANDA says:

      AGREE! This isn’t fixing anything. This is IGNORING it, which is NOT SECURE and btw cannot be done in our corporate environment because we intentionally force that policy. Now what do we need? I suspect it’s more related to the Publisher:Unknown and something potentially forcing something to be signed with a cert.

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