New Telegram Group for SCCM, Intune, Autopilot & Windows 365

We finally have a new Telegram group for SCCM (Configuration Manager), Intune, Autopilot, and Windows 365. This is in response to several requests and emails about creating a community group for technical discussions.

The good news is we have over 950 members in the SCCM Telegram Group, which is outstanding. There are numerous questions answered related to SCCM, Intune, WSUS, and Windows Server. If you are not a part of the group, it’s time to join it.

After Microsoft Ignite 2022, I decided to launch a new telegram group for SCCM (Configuration Manager), Intune, Autopilot, and Windows 365. The main goal of this SCCM Telegram group is for people to help each other with problems and questions about ConfigMgr, Windows 365, and the Microsoft Intune product family. This is my small attempt to get all the professionals working on the SCCM, Microsoft Intune products together and form a discussion group.

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If you are registered to my SCCM and Intune Forums, there have been numerous requests for creating a WhatsApp group for discussions related to Configuration Manager, Intune, Windows 365, and other topics. I also received emails via contact form for creating a group to discuss issues related to Intune, SCCM etc.

Even though the Prajwal Desai community forums are the right place to discuss technical difficulties, I felt the need to create a Telegram group so that you could quickly post your questions and start conversations from the Telegram app.

Why not WhatsApp Group for SCCM and Intune?

WhatsApp and Telegram are popular messaging apps that most of us use. Both are cross-platform messaging apps that are widely used because they offer enhanced privacy and encryption features. However, I chose to create the Telegram group instead of WhatsApp because of following reasons.

  • With Telegram, you can create groups for up to 200,000 people. Whereas with you can create a WhatsApp group with up to 256 participants.
  • Without mobile number you can communicate with user name in telegram whereas in WhatsApp, you cannot communicate with user name, mobile number is must.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync. As a result, you can access your messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers, and share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files (doc, zip, MP3, etc.) of up to 2 GB each.

I decided to use the Telegram app for SCCM and Intune discussions since it appears to have more benefits than WhatsApp. Although some claim that Telegram uploads its users’ contacts to the cloud, I think that can be prevented by denying access to contacts.

SCCM Telegram Group Invites sent via Twitter and LinkedIn

After creating the Telegram group for SCCM (Configuration Manager), Intune, Autopilot, and Windows 365, I shared the group invites on LinkedIn and Twitter with my followers. Within a few hours, there were many individuals who were approved and became part of the group. If you aren’t following me on Twitter or LinkedIn and haven’t seen the Telegram group invite, here is the exact message that I sent.

Something #New and beneficial, I had numerous requests to create a group for #ConfigMgr and #MSIntune related conversations. I’ve started a Telegram group for Microsoft Configuration Manager and Intune users. This group is for anyone interested in #SCCM, #Intune, #Autopilot, #Windows 365, and the Intune product family. Use the following link to join this group: Members will be manually approved. Note: Don’t join the group if you want to promote blog posts. This group is only for discussions related to Configuration Manager and Intune.

Invites for Telegram Group for SCCM Intune Autopilot and Windows 365
Invites for Telegram Group for SCCM Intune Autopilot and Windows 365

How can I join Telegram Group for SCCM, Intune, Autopilot & Windows 365?

The process of joining the SCCM Telegram group is simple. You need to install the Telegram app on your device (Android, Apple) and complete the sign-in process. Open the following link in your browser to join the group: Since the Telegram group for SCCM, Intune, Autopilot, & Windows 365 is a public group, members will be manually approved.

Rules for SCCM Telegram Group

We rely on all Telegram members to help keep the discussions a safe place for people to share and view information. To achieve this, we request that all members comply with the following rules while they are in the group.

  • Keep it friendly. It’s a place for discussions and getting help.
  • Be courteous and respectful. Appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours.
  • When you ask a question or have something to suggest, stay on topic.
  • Share your expertise. Don’t be shy about sharing your information; chances are, someone will find it beneficial or intriguing. Provide your sources when providing information.
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech.

Getting Banned from SCCM Telegram Group

If you have been banned from the SCCM telegram group, it could be due to one of these reasons. Since this is a public group and anyone can join it, spam management is essential.

  • Promoting affiliate links, links to sites that have no relation to SCCM, Windows 365, Intune, or other Microsoft products.
  • Intentionally promoting the blog posts from specific sites, job offers, YouTube videos, copyright material etc.

If you are thinking of joining the Telegram group and promoting your blog posts, exam dumps, or jobs, please don’t join the group. Any group member who promotes blogs, ads, unrelated topics, job offers, etc. will be removed from the group. The Telegram group for SCCM, Intune, Autopilot, and Windows 365 is only for technical discussions and helping each other.

If you have been banned from the SCCM telegram group, and are willing to join back, simply send a request to me, and I will approve it. If you are currently a member of the group and have any suggestions for improving the Telegram group, feel free to share it in the group.


  1. Great idea, rather than Telegram have you considered Discord instead?

  2. One of the best initiatives and super useful. Thanks PD.

    1. Avatar photo Sayed Nayeem says:

      Great initiate really that will benefits to many, now I am not joining because still I have not got chance to work on sccm project. Currently working on AD and Windows. But I too be keep in touch with prajwal desai always. My work is depends on project to project and waiting for sccm opportunity or project.

  3. Thanks Prajwal. I have joined the group already and it is so useful.

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