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The SCCM technical preview version 2005 is out and comes with lots of new features. Most of the new features are related to Tenant attach.

This is the 7th technical preview release of the year 2020. It is always interesting to know new features included with every update.

To know more about all previous technical preview releases and build numbers, read the following post –

If you are running ConfigMgr technical preview 2004 in your lab setup, you can install the update 2005 from updates and servicing node.

Furthermore you can enable new features, test them and always provide feedback to Microsoft. To find out all the new features in ConfigMgr technical preview 2005, refer the following article.

So I will first cover the new features in MEMCM technical preview 2005 and then the update 2005 installation part.

New features in SCCM technical Preview 2005

Listing some of the awesome new features included with SCCM technical preview 2005.

  • Improvements to the content library cleanup tool – The content library cleanup tool in delete mode can also remove orphaned content records from the WMI provider on a distribution point.
  • Remove command prompt during Windows 10 in-place upgrade
  • Improvements to BitLocker task sequence steps – You can now specify the Disk encryption mode on the Enable BitLocker and Pre-provision BitLocker task sequence steps.
  • If you Configure Azure services to cloud-attach your site, the SCCM console now displays notifications. This includes when one or more Azure AD app secret keys will expire soon and one or more Azure AD app secret keys have expired.
  • Report setup and upgrade failures to Microsoft by using Report update error to Microsoft option available in console.
  • The SCCM technical preview 2005 release includes several new and improved Windows PowerShell cmdlets for the cloud management gateway (CMG).
  • Task sequence media can now download cloud-based content.
  • Azure AD authentication in Software Center.
  • To simplify managing remote clients, you can now create a new boundary type for VPNs.
  • Tenant attach additions – You can now run scripts from the admin center and launch CMPivot from the admin center. In addition to that you can install an application from the admin center.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2005

To install ConfigMgr Technical preview 2005 update, open the SCCM console.

Go to Administration > Updates and Servicing node. Right click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2005 and click Install Update Pack.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2005
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2005

The Configuration Manager technical preview update 2005 includes site server and console updates. Plus client updates, fixes for known issues and new features.

Since I am installing the update on my tech preview lab, I will select ignore prerequisite warnings. Click Next.

SCCM Technical Preview 2005

You can enable the new features later, so click Next.

SCCM Technical Preview 2005

Select Upgrade without validating and click Next.

SCCM Technical Preview 2005 Snap4

On the Completion page, click Close.

SCCM Technical Preview 2005 Snap5

Sit back and relax while the update installs. Finally you should see a console upgrade box, click yes to upgrade the SCCM console.

The Configuration Manager technical preview 2005 update installation is complete.

SCCM Technical Preview 2005
SCCM Technical Preview 2005

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