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It’s the first week of May 2020 and the ConfigMgr 2004 technical preview is out. The previous technical preview release was SCCM 2003.

The latest current branch version of Configuration Manager is 2002. At the time of writing this post, the SCCM 2002 is still not globally available. However we are close to seeing SCCM 2002 made available for everyone.

Coming to Technical Preview 2004 release, it contains set of new features and some improvements over previous release. You can expect some of these new features getting added to current branch releases soon.

First of all if you are new to SCCM, the technical preview branch is strictly for use in a lab environment. Most of all it isn’t supported in a production environment. For a list of all technical preview releases and build numbers, refer this post.

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To install ConfigMgr technical preview 2004, you must first install the tech preview baseline version. The SCCM technical preview 2002 is available as both an in-console update and as a new baseline version.

SCCM Technical Preview 2004 New Features

Let’s see some of the new features included in SCCM technical preview 2004 release. You can read about the release information here.

ConfigMgr 2004 Microsoft Notifications

This new feature lets you choose to receive notifications from Microsoft in the Configuration Manager 2004 console. When you enable these notifications, they can help you stay informed about new or updated features in Configuration Manager.

In addition, you get to know about the changes to Configuration Manager and attached services, and issues that require action to remediate.

If you wish to enable these messages or notifications in ConfigMgr 2004, use the below steps.

  • In the SCCM console navigate to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites.
  • Right-click on a site and select Properties.
  • In the Alerts tab, enable the notifications by selecting Receive messages from Microsoft.
ConfigMgr 2004 Microsoft Notifications
ConfigMgr 2004 Microsoft Notifications

Copy discovery data from the console

In SCCM 2004 technical preview, you can now copy discovery data from devices and users in the console. These new actions will help you to quickly get the data from the console.

For example, you can copy the Distinguished Name of a device.

So when you go to device properties, when you right click, you will find the below options.

  • Copy Value
  • Copy Property and Value
  • Select All
  • Save Results As
Copy discovery data from the console
Copy discovery data from the console

Support for PowerShell version 7

The Configuration Manager PowerShell cmdlet library now offers support for PowerShell 7. This is good to know however the PowerShell 7 support is in preview. So this is isn’t intended for use in production environments.

One new thing about the PowerShell 7 version is it runs as pwsh.exe. Earlier versions of PowerShell run as powershell.exe.

Improvement to Format and Partition Disk task sequence step

You can use a task sequence variable to specify the target of the Format and Partition Disk step. This new variable option supports more complex task sequences with dynamic behaviors.

You can read about this new feature here.

SCCM 2004 Management insight rules for OS deployment

There are two new management insight rules in SCCM 2004 for OS deployment.

  • Large task sequences may contribute to exceeding maximum policy size.
  • Total policy size for task sequences exceeds policy limit.
SCCM 2004 Management insight rules for OS deployment
SCCM 2004 Management insight rules for OS deployment

PowerShell cmdlets for task sequence deployment types

You will find two new cmdlets for task sequence deployment types. I guess these will be added to next current branch release.

  • Add-CMTaskSequenceDeploymentType
  • Set-CMTaskSequenceDeploymentType

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Tenant Attach – ConfigMgr client details

You can now see client details including collections, boundary group membership, and real-time client information for a specific device in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

Ensure you read the prerequisites before using this feature.

To test this feature, go to the Assets and Compliance workspace and select the Devices node. Right click a client and click Start > Admin Center Preview to open the preview in your browser.

Note – This launch is a preview experience. The final location will be in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2004

To install ConfigMgr Technical preview 2004 update, open the SCCM console. Go to Administration > Updates and Servicing node. Right click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2004 and click Install Update Pack.

Install ConfigMgr 2004 Technical Preview
Install ConfigMgr 2004 Technical Preview

For this tech preview install, I am going to ignore the prerequisite warnings. Click Next.

Install ConfigMgr 2004 Technical Preview

Click Next on Features and Client Update options page. On the Summary page, click Next.

ConfigMgr 2004 Technical Preview Snap3

Finally click Close. Wait for the update installation to complete.

ConfigMgr 2004 Technical Preview Snap4

To verify the ConfigMgr 2004 tech preview installation, check the about Configuration Manager.

  • Version 2004 for Technical Preview
  • Console version – 5.2006.1027.1000
  • Site version – 5.0.8991.1000

ConfigMgr 2004 Technical Preview Snap5

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