SCCM Console Install Failed Error 1618

While installing SCCM 1906, the new version of console failed to install. The SCCM console failed with an error 1618. “Install failed because another program is installing (1618)” as per ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log file.

When you install any current branch update, the console upgrade is the final step of upgrade process. During this step the setup updates the SCCM console (installs new version of console) and this is an important step.

In my setup, I could see the SCCM console upgrade window. Clicking OK would begin the upgrade but it never showed any upgrade progress. When I launched the console again, the console upgrade window appeared and then the same thing.

I have done lot of ConfigMgr installs so far and I never faced this error. In my experience the console upgrade works without any issues. However this time I wasn’t sure why my console upgrade didn’t work well.

Fix SCCM Console Install Failed with Error 1618

So let’s see how do we fix the SCCM console install error 1618. First of all you must open the ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log in case of console install errors.

Open the log file with Configuration Manager Trace log tool. Examine the log file and you should see error(s) that will help you identify the reason for installation.

As you see the screenshot below in my case it was Installation failed because another program is installing (1618).

SCCM Console Install Failed with Error 1618Below lines are from ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log and look at the last line – Installation failed because another program is installing (1618). In addition to that I also saw the below two lines.

  • Cannot find MSPs
  • Cannot find ReportViewerLP_*s

If you search for error code 1618, it is basically a MSI installation error code. This error is caused by multiple client .msi installation running at the same time. To sort this, you must stop all related MSI install process.

In my case rather than stopping the MSI Install processes, I restarted the server once. After the restart I attempted to upgrade the console and I did not see the error again. The console upgrade worked perfectly fine.

Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: System Center Configuration Manager Console. Product Version: 5.1906.1096.1000. Installation success or error status: 0.

SCCM Console Install Failed with Error 1618

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