SCCM CMG Log Files for Troubleshooting

This post lists all the log files related to SCCM CMG. When you setup a SCCM CMG, you must know the CMG log files that will help you in troubleshooting CMG issues. Some of the CMG log files are located on site server and rest on Azure server.

There are very few log files to troubleshoot CMG issues however you must know the location of those cloud management gateway log files. They are either located on site server or on Azure server.

In my previous post I covered on steps to enable remote desktop in CMG. If you enable the remote desktop in SCCM CMG, you can access the CMG log files easily. To setup SCCM CMG from scratch, refer this post –

When you login to CMG virtual machine, navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Tracing\CMGSetup. The registry key TraceFilename show the actual location CMG log files – E:\approot\logs\CMGSetup.log.

List of SCCM CMG Log Files for Troubleshooting
CMG Log files location

CMGSetup.log, CMGHttpHandler.log, CMGService.log – These are local Configuration Manager log files that cloud service manager syncs from Azure storage every five minutes. The cloud management gateway pushes logs to Azure storage every five minutes.

SCCM CMG Log Files for Troubleshooting

Here is a table that lists all the SCCM CMG log files along with their location and description.

CMG Log File Name Description Log File Location
SMS_Cloud_ProxyConnector.log Records details about setting up connections between the cloud management gateway service and the cloud management gateway connection point. This log file is located on site system server – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs
CloudMgr.log This file logs details related to cloud management gateway service, ongoing service status, and all the data associated with the service. On site server – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs
CMGContentService.log This log records the details of the service when you enable a CMG to also serve content from Azure storage. %approot%\logs on your Azure server
CMGService.log Records details about the cloud management gateway (CMG) service core component in Azure. %approot%\logs on your Azure server
CMGHttpHandler.log You see this log file only if you are using version 1802. This is because in SCCM 1806, this log has been removed. The component functionality is merged into the CMG service component. Therefore see the CMGService.log instead. %approot%\logs on your Azure server
CMGSetup.log Records details about the second phase of the cloud management gateway deployment (local deployment in Azure). %approot%\logs on your Azure server

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  1. Anything logged client side? My clients aren’t talking to the CMG and I can’t figure out why.

  2. cuando tengo implementado IBCM e implemento CMG como obligo al cliente a que use CMG en lugar de IBCM.

  3. The logs on the site server could be in a different location if SCCM was not installed to the default location on the C drive. To find the logs, the path would be “<SCCM installation directory\Logs" such as "E:\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs" or they could be found by using the SMS_Sitecode share such as "\\CMServer\SMS_USA\Logs"

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