SCCM BitLocker Reports List in ConfigMgr Console

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SCCM BitLocker Reports List

In this post, we will look at the list of SCCM BitLocker Reports available in ConfigMgr console. The BitLocker Management reports in SCCM shows the BitLocker compliance for the enterprise and for individual devices.

Reporting in Configuration Manager provides a set of tools and resources that help you use the advanced reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services or Power BI Report Server.

When you install Reporting Services Point in SCCM, there are 470 plus reports installed. Reports are divided into several categories and BitLocker Management is one such category within SCCM reports.

Reporting Services connects to the Configuration Manager site database to retrieve data that is returned when you run reports. You can also create custom reports in SCCM and define a query to get the details such as BitLocker compliance.

The BitLocker Management functionality is included with ConfigMgr, and you must enable this feature from Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing\Features. Only when you enable the BitLocker Management feature, you can configure the BitLocker policies.

I am listing few guides that will help you get started with BitLocker management in Configuration Manager.

Locate BitLocker Management Reports in ConfigMgr Console

To locate the SCCM BitLocker reports, launch the Configuration Manager console, go to the Monitoring workspace, expand Reporting, and select the Reports node. From the list of report categories, select BitLocker Management and here you will find all default reports for BitLocker Management.

Locate SCCM BitLocker Management Reports in ConfigMgr Console
Locate SCCM BitLocker Management Reports in ConfigMgr Console

In case, you notice that default BitLocker reports are missing in SCCM console, you can try the solution SCCM default reports missing in Console.

SCCM BitLocker Reports List

There are 5 default BitLocker reports available in Configuration Manager console.

  • BitLocker Computer Compliance
  • BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Dashboard
  • BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Details
  • BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Summary
  • Recovery Audit Report

You can access these reports directly from the reporting services point website or from Configuration Manager console. Ensure you use a supported browser to access BitLocker reports.

1. BitLocker Computer Compliance

If you want to find out the encryption details of every drive on a computer, then you must run BitLocker Computer Compliance Report. This report also provides encryption details about operating system and fixed data drives. When you run this report, you must enter the computer names and click View Report to find the BitLocker Compliance for the device.

This report is also useful in determining the last known BitLocker encryption status of lost or stolen computers. Based on the BitLocker Policies that SCCM administrator deploys, the Configuration Manager determines compliance of the device.

2. BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Dashboard

The BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Dashboard provides the several graphs, which show BitLocker compliance status across the enterprise. When you run this report, you must enter the Collection ID and click View Report to see the BitLocker Enterprise Compliance dashboard for your organization.

3. BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Details

The BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Details report shows information about the overall BitLocker compliance across your enterprise for the collection of computers that is targeted for BitLocker use.

4. BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Summary

Out of all the BitLocker management reports in SCCM, the BitLocker Enterprise Compliance Summary report is most useful. It shows information about the overall BitLocker compliance across your enterprise. You can also view the compliance for individual computers that are in the collection of computers targeted for BitLocker use.

5. Recovery Audit Report

The Recovery Audit BitLocker Management report is only available from the BitLocker administration and monitoring website. The BitLocker administration and monitoring website is an administrative interface for BitLocker Drive Encryption. Therefore, you will not see this report listed under BitLocker management in SCCM console. You can use this report to audit users who have requested access to BitLocker recovery keys.

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