Install Patch Connect Plus Hotfix – Effortless Guide

To keep your PCP updated, you must install patch connect plus hotfix. If you are using Patch Connect Plus in your setup, this post will help you with installing the hotfix for PCP. The process to install patch connect plus hotfix is easy however there is a procedure for that.

Patch Connect Plus is one of the product of Manage Engine. PCP integrates with the Configuration Manager (SCCM) server to automate patching of 530+ third-party updates across 330+ applications. You can read all the related posts here.

I have been using PCP in my setup and it is very easy to create new applications in SCCM. In addition to that, you can also deploy third-party application updates and keep them up-to date.

Before you install hotfix, let me show you how to find the build number of Patch Connect Plus product. Login to PCP and on the top right corner take a look at Build Number. For example, the current PCP build number is 90071 and I will be installing a hotfix which then upgrades it to build 90072.

check PCP build number

Download PCP Hotfix

First of all download the latest version of PCP hotfix from the Patch Connect Plus hotfix download page. The hotfix files end with .ppm extension. Click the Upgrade Pack button and download it.

download PCP Hotfix
Download Patch Connect Plus Hotfix

Install Patch Connect Plus Hotfix

Before you install the hotfix stop Patch Connect Plus service. To do that right click Patch Connect Plus icon on the notification area of Task bar and click Stop Service.

Note – It is always a good practice to take a backup of the Patch Connect Plus installation directory (<PCP Install_Dir>/PatchConnectPlus) to avoid any data loss during the upgrade process.

Stop PCP service
Stop Patch Connect Plus Service

On the PCP server, navigate to <PCP Install_Dir>/PatchConnectPlus/bin directory. Execute the UpdateManager.bat file.

Launch updatemanager file
PCP UpdateManager batch file

Click “Browse” and select the.ppm file that you have downloaded. Click “Install” to install the PCP hotfix. This may take few minutes depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated.

Install Patch Connect Plus Hotfix
Install Patch Connect Plus Hotfix

Wait until the hotfix is fully installed. Finally click “Close” and then click “Exit” to exit the Update Manager tool. Start the Patch Connect Plus service.

Install Patch Connect Plus Hotfix
Install Patch Connect Plus Hotfix

Login to PCP console and check the build number to confirm the patch connect plus hotfix installation.

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