Hyper-V machines not connecting to the Internet

When you install Hyper-V and you notice that machines are not connecting to the internet, you might need to do some troubleshooting.

In some cases admins may encounter an issue with the Hyper-V machines that don’t connect to internet. There could be various reasons why the Hyper-V machine may not connect to internet. In such cases when there is Internet connection interrupted, the VM will get an APIPA IP address.

A Windows-based computer that gets the IP address from DHCP can automatically assign itself an IP address if a DHCP server is not available. This could occur when probably the DHCP server is temporarily down for maintenance.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing.

When you use a shared Internet connection between workstation and the Hyper-V Virtual machines, usually we use NAT connection.

NAT gives a virtual machine access to network resources using the host computer’s IP address and a port through an internal Hyper-V Virtual Switch.

Hyper-V machines not connecting to the Internet

When you run ipconfig /all on a Hyper-v machine that is not connecting to internet, you see something like this. The machine gets APIPA IP address.

Hyper-V machines not connecting to the InternetFirst of all, make sure that your workstation has Internet connection. Once done, open the Hyper-V Manager. In the right menu, click Virtual Switch Manager.

Hyper V machines not connecting to the Internet Snap2Select your Virtual Switch, in the Connection type, select External network and choose the Internet-based connection. Don’t forget to select Allow management operating system to share this network adapter.

Hyper V machines not connecting to the Internet Snap3

In your workstation, type ncpa.cpl in run command and press enter. In the Network Connections window, right click on the Network Bridge and click Properties.

Hyper-V machines not connecting to the InternetSelect the Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch. Click OK.

Hyper-V machines not connecting to the InternetGo back to your Hyper-v machine and you will see that the Internet connection is resumed. You can browse the internet now.

Hyper V machines not connecting to the Internet Snap6

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