Fix Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4 0X80004004

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Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot Failed to Install Update error 0X800705B4 and error 0X80004004 appearing in your SCCM console.

During the software update deployments, the updates fail to install and this is a common issue. Whenever an update deployed using SCCM fails to install, it fails with an error code. This error code should be used to troubleshoot the software update deployments.

Software Update Install Error 0X800705B4, Error 0X80004004

In this specific example, there are two errors that you see related to failed software updates deployments.

  • Failed to install update(s) – Error Code 0X800705B4 (This operation returned because the timeout period expired.
  • Failed to install update(s) Error 0X80004004 (Operation aborted).
Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4 0X80004004
Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4 0X80004004

Thanks to SCCM error lookup tools, you can translate the error codes to error messages. When you translate error 0X800705B4 using error lookup tool, here is what you see.

  • Error 0X800705B4 = This operation returned because the timeout period expired.
  • Error 0X80004004 = Operation aborted
Software Update Install Error 0X800705B4
Software Update Install Error 0X800705B4

You can use the same error lookup tool to translate error 0X80004004 which means Operation aborted.

Error 0X80004004 Operation aborted
Error 0X80004004 Operation aborted

Fix Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4, 0X80004004

Let’s look at the steps to fix failed to install update error 0X800705B4, error 0X80004004. You can fix the error 0X800705B4 by enabling the option “Allow clients to connect anonymously” under the SCCM distribution point properties.

  1. Open the Configuration Manager Console.
  2. Click on Administration > Overview > Distribution Points.
  3. Right-Click on the Distribution Point and then click Properties.
  4. In the General tab, click “Allow clients to connect anonymously.”
Fix Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4 0X80004004
Fix Failed to Install Update Error 0X800705B4 0X80004004

Logs that are beneficial to use when troubleshooting

The following list of SCCM log files are beneficial when you want to troubleshoot the software updates failed deployment issues.

  1. It is always recommended to check the locationservices.log on the client to ensure the client is detecting the correct Software Update Point (SUP). Also, it is always best practice to ensure that the ConfigMgr client is correctly reporting to the MECM server that the software update is enabled.
  2. The policy agent will trigger the software update deployment cycle, and then the scan result will then be compared with the catalog. It will then download only the required update and install it on the defined schedule. To get more details about the update, you can check the updatestore.log, updatesdeployment.log, and the windowsupdate.log.

Tracking software update deployment processes in MECM

You can use the following guide as reference for SCCM Software Updates Log Files. The below log files are useful for monitoring the software update deployments in SCCM.

wsyncmgr.logThis file records information about the synchronization process.Server machine
WCM.logThis log file records information about the SUP configuration, subscribed categories, classifications, and languages on the SUP server. Very important when you perform sync for the first time. Server machine
wctrl.logRecords information about the configuration, database connectivity, and health of the WSUS server. Server machine
WUAHandler.logRecords information about searching for updates.Client machine
UpdatesDeployment.logRecords information about deployment, evaluations, and enforcements on the client.Client machine
UpdatesHandler.logRecords information about compliance, scanning, and the download and installation of updates on the client.Client machine
SoftwareDistribution.logContains information about the software updates that are synchronized from the update source to the WSUS database.WSUS server – %programfiles%\Update Services\Logfiles
UpdateStore.logThis file contains information about the compliance of updates that are scanned as part of the compliance scanning.Client machine
ruleengine.logRecords information about processing the automatic update rules. Useful when you are working with ADR’s.Server machine
scup.logRecords information about downloading and synchronizing custom updates to WSUS.%temp% on the computer with the SCUP console installed
patchdownloader.logRecords information about downloading software updates from the update source to the specified source location for the Update packageClient machine
windowsupdate.logLogs activity about scanning and installing updates.C:\Windows

Recommended Reading

Some good references that you can use to troubleshoot and help track the software update deployment process:

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