How to find SCCM SMS Provider Location

Prajwal Desai
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In my previous post I covered the steps to install additional SMS Provider in Configuration Manager setup. Now that we know that we can install multiple SMS providers, it would be nice to know how to find SMS provider location. In other words, if you want to find SCCM SMS Provider location, this post will help you.

The SMS Provider, a site server role in SCCM, is a WMI provider that assigns read and write access to the SCCM database at a site. For complete guide on planning for SMS provider, read this article

How to find SCCM SMS Provider Location

There are many methods to find SCCM SMS provider location. I will cover all of them in this post. In case you know any other method to find SMS provider in ConfigMgr, do let me know in comments section.

Method 1 – Using Configuration Manager console find SMS Providers

The easiest and quick method to find SMS Provider location is via SCCM console. Here are the steps.

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  • Launch Configuration Manager console.
  • Navigate to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites.
  • Select the Server, right click and click Properties.
  • On Site Properties window, click General.
  • Look for SMS Provider Location. That’s where you find SMS Providers.

find SCCM SMS Provider Location

Method 2 – Find SMS Provider Using WBEMTest

The second method to find SMS provider is using WMI tester or WBEMTest tool. On your site server, run the command WBEMTest.

On the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester window, click Connect. Under Namespace, type root\sms and click Connect.

find SCCM SMS Provider LocationClick Enum Classes button. It now asks you to enter superclass name. Do not type anything in checkbox. Only click Recursive radio button and click OK.

find SCCM SMS Provider LocationScroll down and double click SMS_ProviderLocation. Now click Instances (this option is present on right side). The query results shows the instances of SMS_ProviderLocation.

find SCCM SMS Provider Location

Method 3 – Using PowerShell find SMS Provider

You can determine SMS provider location using PowerShell command. Click drop down arrow on top left of SCCM console. Now click Connect via Windows PowerShell. Enter the below command. You now see the SMS providers present in your setup.

(Get-WmiObject -class SMS_ProviderLocation -Namespace root\SMS).Machine

SMS_ProviderLocation PowerShell Command

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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