3 Ways to Find SCCM Maintenance Windows for a Computer

There are several ways to check or find SCCM maintenance windows for a computer. In this post I will cover the methods to find maintenance windows available to a client computer.

Maintenance windows allows SCCM admins to define time period when various Configuration Manager operations can be carried out on members of device collection. To create a new maintenance windows in SCCM, refer my post that shows how to configure SCCM maintenance Windows.

You can define SCCM maintenance windows on a device collection and not on individual workstation or server. Also note that you cannot create maintenance windows for the All Systems collection or any built-in device collections.

You can find Maintenance windows under the Device Collection properties and Maintenance windows tab.

After you define SCCM maintenance windows, Configuration Manager can run impacting tasks on devices. The Maintenance Windows ensures that client configuration changes occur during times that don’t affect productivity. With Software Center, users can see the device’s next maintenance window on the Installation status tab.

There are several tasks in Configuration Manager that support maintenance windows. I will list all of them below. You can also read more about how to use Maintenance Windows from Microsoft documentation.

  • Application and package deployments
  • Software update deployments
  • Compliance settings deployment and evaluation
  • OS and custom task sequence deployments

When you specify a maintenance windows on a device collection, all the clients within that collection get the same maintenance windows. Note that you may specify multiple maintenance windows on a single device collection.

Find Maintenance Windows using SCCM Report

If you want to find SCCM maintenance windows of a client, you can use the built-in Report – Maintenance windows available to a specified client. Running this report should tell you the maintenance windows applied to a client. The report is part of Software Distribution – Collections folder.

You can either run the report from within the Configuration Manager console or use the browser and access the reports.

In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to Monitoring > Overview > Reporting > Reports. In the search box type Maintenance and click Search. This should display all the built-in reports related to Maintenance Windows.

Right click Maintenance windows available to a specified client report and click Run.

Find SCCM Maintenance Windows for a Computer
Find SCCM Maintenance Windows for a Computer

This report requires the computer name as input. So enter the server name or client name for which you want to find maintenance windows. Click View Report.

You should find the maintenance window name applied to this client. If you have defined multiple maintenance windows to a device collection and if the device is part of it, it displays all the maintenance windows.

Find SCCM Maintenance Windows for a Computer
Find SCCM Maintenance Windows for a Computer

Using SQL Query find SCCM Maintenance Windows

The below SQL query lists all the computers with their maintenance window setting and associated device collection.

 v_FullCollectionMembership.Name as Computername ,v_Collection.Name as CollectionName,
 v_ServiceWindow.Description as "Maintenance Windows Schedule"
 from v_ServiceWindow
 inner join v_FullCollectionMembership on (v_FullCollectionMembership.CollectionID = v_ServiceWindow.CollectionID)
 inner join v_Collection on (v_Collection.CollectionID = v_FullCollectionMembership.CollectionID)
 order By v_Collection.Name

To run this query, launch the SQL Server Management studio and login to the database engine. Right click ConfigMgr database and click New Query. Enter the query and click Execute.

Using SQL Query find the Maintenance Windows
Using SQL Query find the Maintenance Windows

Get-CMMaintenanceWindow – Check Maintenance Windows

If you want to find maintenance windows for a device collection, use the Get-CMMaintenanceWindow PowerShell command. All you need to specify is the device collection ID.

In the Configuration Manager console, click the down arrow at top left corner and click Connect via Windows PowerShell. Enter the below command to get the maintenance windows of SCCM device collection.

Get-CMMaintenanceWindow -CollectionID "CollectionID"


  1. Avatar photo Tomas Zuu says:

    Unfortunately any of you provided steps provide actual patching execution date if maintenance window is created with recurrence and offset days. It just basically shows the date when maintenance window created (effective date), but not the maintenance window shown in Software Center in OS

    1. Has there been any update to this? I am concerned that the client won’t execute.

  2. Your all SCCM post are so much helpful;

  3. Hello, after i have set up MW on the collection, force restart does not work. Just windows appears for postpone restart. I have set up force restart in client settings for 2 days.

    If I delete MW the force restart will work.

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