EaseUS Todo PCTrans – PC Transfer Software

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a easy to use PC transfer software that helps automatically migrate your files from one computer to another without any data loss. In addition to that you can also perform App migration and Image transfer.

When you buy a new laptop, you are excited to use it but you also need the data from old laptop. How will you transfer all the data from old to new laptop ?. First of all you need a hard disk or USB storage device. Manually backing up all the data would require lot of time.

With PCTrans tool PC Transfer Software, you never need to manually backup your photos, music, videos, documents to a storage device. The tool migrates all the data to your new laptop without any hassle.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Editions

EaseUS PC Transfer Software is available in three editions or versions. The edition comparison chart is available here.

  • Free version – The free version allows you to transfer selected applications (maximum 2 applications) & data from one PC to another. It could be from previous OS to new OS after Windows in-place upgrade.  You can also transfer applications between two local hard disks.
  • Professional version – The pro version is intended for business usage and comes with a cost but offers many advantages over free version. You can transfer unlimited applications, transfer user’s account settings, user data, personalization and power settings from one PC to another. If you buy a pro license, you can activate the software on 2 PC’s. Not to forget, you get 7×24 service and live chat in-case you face any issues while using the software.
  • Technician version – When you buy Technician license, you get the all the features (including Pro version). You can activate the product on multiple computers throughout the organization. Very useful when you have technicians who provide service to the clients.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Features

  • Using EaseUS Todo PCTrans you can transfer programs/data from old computer to a new one.
  • You can easily migrate selected files or programs during operating system update.
  • Easily migrate data and applications from 32-bit Windows OS to 64-bit Windows OS.
  • Transfer applications between local disks to make full use of disk space.
  • Installation supported all the latest client and windows server operating systems.

Installing EaseUS Todo PCTrans Software

Download the trial version of EaseUS Todo PCTrans software here. Let’s install the software first. Run the pctrans_trial_installer.exe and on the welcome screen, click Install.

Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans

The installer downloads additional files required for installation.

Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans

The software installation is complete. Click Start Now.

Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans

If you have purchased the software, you can activate the software by clicking Upgrade to full version.

Upgrade the software to pro version

Enter the license key and click Activate. You require an internet connectivity to activate this software.

Activate the software

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Options

EaseUS Todo PCTrans moves applications, files or accounts from one PC to another in one of three methods. When you launch the EaseUS Todo PCTrans tool, on the first screen you see three options.

  • PC to PC – With this option, you can easily transfer data such as apps, pics, music files, user accounts and settings from old PC to new PC.
  • Image Transfer – With Image transfer, you can transfer and recover data such as apps, pic, user accounts by creating image files. You can either create a new image file or recover data from existing image file.
  • App Migration – Very useful option when you want to migrate all your applications to another disk. This can be used when you attach a new HDD to your machine.

PC to PC TransferOut of the above options, I will cover the first option which is PC to PC. Before you use any of the options, you must ensure both source and destination computers must have the EaseUS Todo PCTrans software installed.

Secondly both computers must talk to each other, they can be connected via LAN or Wi-Fi. Click Continue.

before transferring files

The software automatically discovers the devices present in your setup. Select the destination PC and click Connect. If you don’t see any devices listed, click Add a PC option to manually add the device.

Connect to a computer

When you wish to transfer the data, you must select the source and destination computer. Click OK when you select the option.

transfer files between computers

As I mentioned before you can transfer Applications, Files, Accounts. The software also creates a system restore point which is a good thing. On the left pane you can see the selected items count and size. Select the items that you want to transfer and click Transfer.

PC Transfer Software

And the data transfer process begins. You can see how easy the software migrates your files from one computer to another without any data loss.

PC Transfer Software

Finally the PC to PC transfer is complete with no errors. Click OK to close the window. On your destination computer you should find the data that you just migrated from source computer.

PC to PC file transfer complete

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