Download Azure Architecture Icons for Free

Prajwal Desai
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Download Azure Architecture Icons

Microsoft is offering free Azure Architecture Icons that you can download and use it. Let me share some details on how to download Azure architecture icons and use the icons.

Azure architecture icons, including Azure product icons to help you build a custom architecture diagram for your next solution Before you download and start to use the Azure architecture icons, let’s understand about the usage rights for these icons.

Microsoft permits the use of these icons in architectural diagrams, training materials, or documentation. You may copy, distribute, and display the icons only for the permitted use unless granted explicit permission by Microsoft.

What’s allowed

  • You can use the icon to illustrate how products can work together
  • In diagrams, we recommend including the product name somewhere close to the icon
  • Use the icons as they would appear within Azure

What’s not allowed

  • Don’t crop, flip or rotate icons
  • Don’t distort or change icon shape in any way
  • Don’t use Microsoft product icons to represent your product or service

Download Azure Architecture Icons

You can download the free Azure Architecture icons by visiting the Azure Icons download page. You must agree to the terms mentioned by Microsoft to Download SVG Icons.

Download Azure Architecture Icons
Download Azure Architecture Icons

When you download Azure architecture icons, the Azure service public icons are zipped in a file, and you must extract them before you can use it. Extract the icons to a folder. Within the icons folder, you will find different categories and icons related to it.

Some popular categories include :-

  • AI + Machine Learning
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure VMware Solution
  • Blockchain
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Security

Most of all, the Azure architecture icons are in Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format. This allows you to resize them without affecting the quality. The SVG icons can be viewed using Microsoft Edge browser.

The SVGs work in Office 365 versions of PowerPoint. You can use them the same way you use JPGs, PNGs and
other image files. Microsoft is planning to offer a PPT version of the icons, but the exact date is not confirmed yet.

Import Azure Architecture Icons in Visio

People use Microsoft Visio to create diagrams, and Microsoft is working with the Visio product team for icons for Visio. In the meantime, you can use the Import function in Visio.

To import the Azure architecture icons in Visio, launch the Visio tool. On the Menu click File and from the options select Open. Browse to the folder that contains the Azure architecture icons and ensure you select the file types as *.svg, *.svgz. Select an icon to open in Visio.

Open Azure Architecture Icons in Visio
Open Azure Architecture Icons in Visio

The icons are updated often by Microsoft and when a set of icons are added, the download file name will be updated with version number at the end.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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