Configure Email Reports in PatchMyPC

In this post I will show you how to configure email reports in PatchMyPC. I have published some guides on Patch My PC installation before and I am still testing this product in my lab setup.

With Patch My PC, you can configure email reports and it is very easy. It is recommended to enable the email reports because you will receive an email about any newly published updates. The reports include Titles, Classification, Severity, CVE-ID’s, Catalog Expiration Details, and much more.

Before you proceed further, you must first install Patch My PC publishing service on your computer. I have covered the installation of Patch My PC here. To configure Patch My PC, you can refer this guide.

When you first install Patch My PC, by default the SMTP settings are not configured. However if you haven’t configure the reports yet, you can do it using the steps covered in this guide.

Configure Email Reports in PatchMyPC

To configure email reports in Patch My PC

  • Launch Patch My PC Publishing Service tool.
  • Click Proxy and Notifications tab and the email reports options are available under SMTP Settings.
  • Under the common email providers, you can select your email provider. The PatchMyPC tool will automatically pick the correct SMTP server.

Configure Email Reports in PatchMyPC

Follow the below steps to configure the SMTP Settings.

  1. First of all check the box “Send Email Reports“.
  2. Click Common Email Providers drop-down and select your email provider. I have selected in this example.
  3. Enter the sender email address. For Recipients, enter email addresses to whom you want to email reports.
  4. The SMTP server is automatically picked up based on email provider that you select.
  5. Check the box Use Authentication and Use TLS. The default port is 587.
  6. Enter the login details and password. Click Apply.
  7. Finally click Test button.

Configure Email Reports in PatchMyPC

If the details that you entered are correct, you should see the pop up Email Sent Successfully. I got the test email to my email address.

Bonus – You can also change subject of the email and add text to the body. Below the test button, you should see Change Subject and Add text to the body button. Use them to configure and click Apply and OK.

Patch My PC SMTP Settings

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