Automate Application Creation in SCCM using Patch My PC

Prajwal Desai
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Using Patch My PC, you can automate the application creation in SCCM. With the help of Patch My PC, you can quickly create an application in SCCM and deploy it to client computers.

I have been testing the Patch My PC product in my lab setup and I am exploring some excellent features of this tool. Patch My PC can help SCCM admins streamline the application creation and packaging process.

PatchMyPC publishing service along with SCCM can automatically create and update third-party application deployments in the SCCM environment. Be it application creation or updating the existing applications, this product can do both easily. In short use this tool to simplify third-party application creation and application patching in SCCM.

I would recommend you go through the below posts that covers the PatchMyPC installation and configuration. Without this product installed and configured, you cannot perform the next steps.

Automate Application Creation in SCCM using Patch My PC

First of all open the Patch My PC publishing service tool and click Application Rules. Check the box ” Automatically create applications in SCCM for initial installation“. If you don’t select this option, Patch My PC won’t create any application.

Next click Options.

Automate Application Creation in SCCM

Configure the base install options. Specify the SMS provider server and Source folder. The Patch My PC creates a folder called Applications and saves all the applications over there.

Under the Application creation options, select the ones that you need. Check the option to automatically distribute content for any newly created applications. Click OK.

Automate Application Creation in SCCM

You can now select the applications from the list. These applications will be automatically created and should be visible in SCCM console.

In this example, I am selecting WinZip and VLC Media Player apps. Click Apply.

Select the applications to deploy

After you make the app selection, click Sync Schedule tab. At the bottom, click Run Publishing Service Sync.

Patch My PC Sync Schedule

Open the PatchMyPC.log file and monitor the application creation process.

Patch My PC log file

VLC Media Player Application Creation Log – PatchMyPC.log version: 5.00.8884.1000
Console version is: 5.1910.1041.1000
The Catalog file is signed by Patch My PC
Creating a new SCCM application for: VideoLAN VLC Media Player 3.0.8 (x64)
Creating application for: VLC Media Player (x64) using source path \\techsccm\Sources\Apps\Applications\VideoLAN\VLC Media Player (x64)\2fb230fa-da76-425a-9bfe-c7d92417d8ad
Publishing SCCM application for VLC Media Player 3.0.8 (x64)
The following application has been created: VLC Media Player 3.0.8 (x64)
Distributing package to all DPs [TEC00015]

Winzip Application Creation Log- PatchMyPC.log

Creating a new SCCM application for: WinZip Computing, S.L. WinZip 23.0.13431 (x64)
Starting download for:
Successfully downloaded the update
Creating application for: WinZip 23 (x64) using source path \\techsccm\Sources\Apps\Applications\WinZip Computing, S_L_\WinZip 23 (x64)\4d4b9e1f-4786-4e1e-9d7d-d9ad18b5b209
Publishing SCCM application for WinZip 23.0.13431 (x64)
The following application has been created: WinZip 23.0.13431 (x64)
Distributing package to all DPs [TEC00016]

Go back to the SCCM console and click Applications. The WinZip and VLC Media Player applications are ready for deployment. Note that since we configured to automatically distribute the content to DP’s, you need not distribute the app content to DP’s. The tool will do it for you.

The only additional step that you need to do is deploy these apps to device collection. I hope you got an idea of how Patch My PC can automate the SCCM application creation. Not only that it saves lot of your time.

SCCM Applications

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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