Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

The Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547 is released and contains lots of fixes. There have been many Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfixes released so far. We know that each hotfix is released to address the issues reported in the product.

More information about this update is documented here. There were some issues were reported with this update like the one here. However this update roll-up was revised on June 14, 2018, to prevent an issue that affects some first wave users.

Note that following groups can skip installing the KB4163547.

  1. First wave users who first applied update 4132447 before they applied KB4163547rollup.
  2. Non-first wave users who applied the original version of this update rollup.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547 – Issues Fixed

The configuration manager 1802 hotfix KB4163547 contains the following fixes. I am listing the important ones here. For complete info click here.

  • Conditional access compliance reporting fails for intranet clients if a proxy is required.
  • New-CMCloudDistributionPoint, New-CMCloudManagementGateway, New-CMCloudManagementGatewaycmdlet issues addressed.
  • Uninstall content for app doesn’t get updated in content library.
  • Windows 10 express install files download time out.
  • Data warehouse synchronization issues fixed with KB4163547.
  • Fixed an issue where SCCM console may terminate unexpectedly after you go to the Script Status node in the Monitoring workspace.
  • Fixed an issue related to multicast operating system deployment task sequence. When the TS is initiated from Software Center, it was unsuccessful while a distribution point was configured for HTTPS traffic.
  • Sorted the Run Script feature which did not work with spaces in the script parameters.
  • Fixed SQL Server replication issues in a hierarchy. This had occurred after a secondary site was deleted and uninstalled.
  • The fix enables Application Management option for OneNote for Android.
  • This update KB4163547 fixes unhandled exception error message when you click Customize button in the Default Settings pane.
  • Update fixes an issue where Management points cannot communicate with a specified Device Health Attestation service if a proxy server is configured.
  • OS is reinstalled on an existing SCCM client provided if the same host name is maintained that is registered in Azure Active Directory, Conditional Access compliance scenarios may start to fail.
  • Fixes an issue where Configuration Manager Data Warehouse synchronization may be unsuccessful while it processes inventory summarization. This issue can occur because the tempdb database on the server that is running SQL Server is running out of space while stored procedures are running.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547 Installation

The configuration manager 1802 hotfix KB4163547 installation is very simple. If you have installed or upgraded to configuration manager current branch 1802, you will find the updates under Updates and Servicing node. If not click Check for Updates button and update shall appear in sometime.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

Once the hotfix KB4163547 is downloaded, right click and click install update pack. The update installation begins.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

Click Next.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

For remaining steps click Next and click Close.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

The update installation takes a while, you can monitor the installation status. To do so go to monitoring node and click Overview > Updates and Servicing Status. Right update and click Show Status.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

Refresh the console and the console update box will appear. KB4163547 updates the console from version 5.1802.1082.1800 to 5.1802.1082.1807. Click OK.

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547

Check the About System Center Configuration Manager.

  • Version – 1802
  • Site Version – 5.1802.1082.1807
  • Console Version – 5.0.8634.1000

Configuration Manager 1802 Hotfix KB4163547


  1. I got struck in installing. my cmupdate.log showing unable to connect to SQL.

  2. Hi folks
    for me the sub menu options for install seems to be grayed out, any thoughts?

    ps. yes my ntid was the one who installed the whole sccm

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