SCCM 2103 is Generally Available Now

SCCM 2103 is generally available now. This means you don’t need to run the opt-in script (EnableEarlyUpdateRing PowerShell script) to see SCCM 2103 update appear in the console.

Configuration Manager 2013 was first made available on 5th April, 2021. The SCCM 2103 is the first current branch release of year 2021.

SCCM 2103 is Generally Available

The announcement of general availability of SCCM 2103 was made on 20th April, 2021. Here is the tweet from David James. #configmgr 2103 is now available to everyone without any manual opt-in steps. If you are on version >= 2002, you should see it show up in your console in the next day or so (or force the refresh). Thanks to the 1000s customers and millions of devices already running #memcm 2103! So as per the tweet, if you are running SCCM 2002 and above version, the ConfigMgr 2103 update should appear in the console automatically. If you don’t see the update appearing

SCCM 2103 is Generally Available
SCCM 2103 is Generally Available

Usually the current branch update is made generally available after 2 weeks of the update release. Organizations running ConfigMgr 2002 and above should now see the Configuration Manager 2013 update appear in the console.

SCCM 2103 Resources

If you haven’t upgraded the configuration manager to 2103 yet here are some of the resources available for you.

SCCM 2103 Upgrade Guide – This step by step covers the steps to upgrade your ConfigMgr to 2103 version.

SCCM 2103 New Features – This post covers the best features of SCCM 2103.

SCCM 2103 Video Upgrade – The video tutorial guides you with the steps to upgrade SCCM to version 2103.


  1. Avatar photo Mohammed Qamaruddin says:

    We have SCCM 2010 in our environment and planning to deploy SCCM 2103 with new installation, starting from scratch. Can you tell me, is SCCM 2103 is compatible with Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2014?

    1. Yes SCCM 2103 should be compatible with Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2014. However I recommend you use the latest versions wherever you can. This will improve the performance of SCCM and you can also get rid of upgrades later.

  2. Updated from 2006 to 2103 with no issues.

    CM server: Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, WADK, and MDT.

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