Download the Latest Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram

Prajwal Desai
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Download Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram

This article describes how to download the latest Microsoft Intune architecture diagram. You can download a high-level architecture for Microsoft Intune and use it as a reference to learn about Intune’s capabilities.

The IT decision makers and architects can use the illustrations to determine the ideal solutions for their workloads and to make decisions about core infrastructure components such as networking, identity, and security.

If you are an Intune administrator, this high-level Microsoft Intune architecture diagram is very useful in understanding about the Intune product family. Microsoft adds several new features to Intune with every service release. I am confident this diagram will be updated in the future once Microsoft adds new services to Intune, such as advanced app management and cloud certification management capabilities. Until then, you can use this diagram to understand how Intune integrates with other solutions.

Download Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram

You can download the latest high-level architecture diagram for Microsoft Intune by visiting this link. The image is protected by Microsoft’s copyright. The below reference architecture shows options for integrating Microsoft Intune in your Azure environment with Azure Active Directory.

You can also view about the different devices that can be managed with Microsoft Intune, including speciality devices such as HoloLens, Teams Rooms etc. When you look at the Intune product family, you get to see numerous services such as Windows Autopilot, Endpoint Analytics, Intune Data warehouse, Log analytics etc.

Download Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram
Copyright Microsoft – Download Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram

Microsoft Intune is a Microsoft Azure service that allows IT administrators to manage access to corporate data through integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Identity management for the Microsoft 365 suite of applications is provided by Microsoft Intune and Azure AD.

The illustration below depicts the capabilities of Intune when it was first introduced a few years ago. When you compare this old architecture diagram to the most recent one, you’ll notice that Microsoft has added a plethora of new features to Microsoft Intune.

Copyright Microsoft - Download Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram
Copyright Microsoft – Download Microsoft Intune Architecture Diagram (old)

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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