Lync Recorded session shows pending status

Last week one of my colleague experienced a weird issue with Lync recording manager. He informed me that his Lync Recorded session shows pending status. This guy attempted to record a conference in Lync 2013. Upon the completion of conference, there were no audio or video files populated in C:\Users\Username\Video\Lync Recordings folder. Now that’s the folder path where Lync recorded videos are stored.

Furthermore upon opening the Lync Recording Manager, he saw the Lync recorded session showed pending status. The size showed 0 MB and length of the session showed 00:00:00. From within Recording Manager, you can play recordings, rename recordings or create a video format that you can share with others. However all these options were greyed out.

Lync Recorded session shows pending status When you’re in Lync conversation, you can start recording provided the participant’s organization allows you to record. When you stop recording, Lync automatically saves the recording. By default the recordings are saved on your computer. The folder path is C:\Users\<your user name>\Lync Recordings.

After checking multiple Lync forums, it was advised to wait until the status changes from pending to completed. However in my case the status showed pending for long time and video was never published. The resolution to this issue is really crazy and you can read the comments section to find out it worked well for so many.

Fix for Lync Recorded session shows pending status

After further investigation, I found that the laptop was running on battery power. When the mouse was hovered on pending status, the message said “Pending was paused to save power, plug in to continue“. As soon as the AC adapter was connected, the publishing of video started immediately.

Probably the recorded sessions weren’t published because Lync prefers to do the publishing only when the laptop is connected to AC adapter. It could also be due to the fact that the publishing a video resources lot of CPU resources.

Lync Recorded session shows pending status

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Thank you so much… you saved my life … I wonder how bad it would have been if i had lost the recording.. Cheers !!!!

Sumy Koshy

Thanks. This really helped me. I was worried that I lost the recording. Glad I found this page.

Victor D'Sa

This was Very Useful. Happened to me and I am glad that I foud this link and it worked as it said. I did not believe at first but Yeah it Worked !!!


It worked!! Thanks a lot, i was freaking out with that “pending” status. The moment i plugged in, it started saving the file. Thanks again!

shanthibhushan worked..its so crazy to think so..


Lol..It worked. Thank you so much.


i plugged in and it started to save the recordings lol! thanks a lot!


perfect !!!thank yu


πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ LOL , plugged in the power cord and it started the encoding….. damn, that’s awkward


Thank you, saved me an hour or two!

firstname lastname

thanks, this helped.


boss you rocked
thanks it worked

Venkateswarlu Konjeti

Thank you very much. Worked as expected after connecting to power.


I would never think such a thing, thanks!!

Anthony Ramos

Very helpful indeed. Thanks for this.

Niels Tempelaars



Eternal thanks for this!


Thanks a lot, Helped & worked immediately.


This is really helpful, helped solve my issue immediately. Thanks


Thank you!

Kather Rafi

Thanks prajwaldesai, its a good info, atleast microsoft must include this in the skype recording manager.


Thanks for this piece. I was going nuts with the recording status at Pending for a really long time. The minute i plugged my charger in, it starting moving. Thanks a ton!

Prannoy Kumar K

Thanks a lot I almost thought I had lost the recording of one of my most important meetings. Poor from Microsoft though.


Thanks alot!! it worked.

supriti sawant

thanks for this great tip and it saved my day πŸ™‚ appreciate your help.


Great Tip, I was worried for a minute before finding this


Oh Thank you for letting me know! Once I plugged in my computer – the video is publishing like a dream.


You make the world a better place to live! Thanks Hero!




You just literally saved my life!
Thanks for this article, I’ve been sitting and waiting for recording to change status for loooong time πŸ˜€

Ashwinee Tijare

I delivered an important session in skype big event. There were 390+ participants. We had a very good interactive session. And as summary mail i was about to give link to download recording of the session when I encountered the same issue; Status as “Pending”.
I got this fix on a very first link on Google It worked immediately. Thanks a lot!!
It was great catch..


Hi Prajwal, the recording status bar is not showing any status and it is a blank. Please advise me on the fix


Good catch!
Looks like I’m not the only one!


Exactly what I wanted. This is the top result in Google for a reason.

standa zapata

brilliant /s
it works, thanks

Anton T

very helpful!


Thank you! I can’t say that enough! I save the file and you save me!


Oh man, you just SAVED MY ASS or at least reputation. I thought I lost my 1,5 hour meeting record where I promised to distribute it to all participants (93!!!). Whew, once again THANK YOU!!!


yes.. thank you.. πŸ™‚


Thank You! You saved me a minor heart attack πŸ™‚


1000 Likes…what a solution.


Thanks a ton , Prajwal. It worked .I faced this weird issue. As soon as the AC adapter was connected, the publishing of video started immediately. Was just not able to figure out.


Thanks for solution it’s worked for me πŸ™‚


Prajwal ur awesome !!


Thank you Prajwal.. Its actually crazy.. But was really helpful..


Its insane that you dont get any further info about this directly in skype. Thanks for posting this. Like many other i too got a real sacare but it was resolved after plugging in the charger.


Unbelievable! it actually works!


Pending was paused to save power, plug in to continue … good eye..:)


Thank you – worked for me too!


Thanks Prajwal!

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