How to Install Desktop Central Hotfix & Service Pack

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This post covers the steps to install hotfix for Desktop Central. The same procedure can be used to install service pack for Desktop Central.

In this past I have published lot of posts on Manage Engine products. Desktop Central is a unified endpoint management solution that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location.

Desktop Central 10 often gets the updates in the form of hotfix and service packs. You must always install the latest hotfix and keep the product patched.

When you access the Manage Engine Desktop Central via browser, you get the new hotfix availability message right on the login screen. Let’s look at the steps to download and install a new hotfix for Desktop Central 10.

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How to Install Desktop Central Hotfix Snap1

Step 1 – Download the Hotfix / Service Pack

You must first download the Desktop Central 10 hotfix. You can download the hotfix and service pack here. In this example, I will be downloading 10.0.442 hotfix.

download Desktop Central hotfix
download Desktop Central hotfix

The update notification is also seen when you login to Desktop Central and check build version. You can do that by clicking Support tab > General Details > Product Information > Build Version. Or you can click Build version option on top-right corner and find out your existing server version.

So my Desktop Central Server version is 10.0.388 and I will be installing 10.0.442 hotfix.

Check desktop central version
Check Desktop Central build

Download the hotfix and save it in a folder. You can create a separate folder and store all your hotfixes.

How to Install Desktop Central Hotfix Snap4

Step 2 – Stop Desktop Central Server Service

Before you apply the hotfix or service pack, you must stop the Desktop Central Server service. On the Desktop Central server, go to Services console. Right click ManageEngine Desktop central server service and click Stop.

Stop Desktop Central Server Service

Step 3 – Install Desktop Central Hotfix/Service Pack

Execute the UpdateManager.bat file present in the <desktop central_home>/bin directory. This launches the Update Manager tool using which you will apply the hotfix or service pack.

On the Update Manager window, Click Browse and select the.ppm file that you have downloaded. Click Install.

Install Desktop Central Hotfix

On the Desktop Central – Warning box, click Continue Installation.

Install Desktop Central Hotfix

The hotfix installation now begins. It may take few minutes depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated. Wait until the service pack / hotfix is fully installed.

Install Desktop Central HotfixAfter the hotfix installation is complete, go to services console and start ManageEngine Desktop central server service.

Finally let’s check the Desktop Central Server version. Login to Desktop Central and click Build Version. You can see that hotfix installation is successful and the server version is 10.0.442.

How to Install Desktop Central Hotfix Snap9

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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