How to Remotely lock devices with Intune

In this article, I will show you how to Remotely lock devices with Intune. With Intune Remote Lock device action, you can lock any remote device from the MEM portal.

In simple words, the Intune Remote lock device action locks the device. To unlock the device, the device owner must enter their passcode.

So, when do we use the remote lock action in Intune? If a device is lost or stolen and regardless of where the device is, you can remotely lock it via Intune. A person must enter the correct passcode before the device can be unlocked and used again.

Note that you can remotely lock devices that have a PIN or password set. Devices that don’t have a PIN or password can’t be remotely locked. This is an important requirement for locking devices remotely using Intune.

I am going to test the remote lock device action on my Android mobile. My Android mobile is enrolled in Intune and I have performed a recent sync via company portal app.

When you enroll user’s Android device, they get access to company email, files, applications and other resources. To learn more enrolling Android devices in Intune, refer to how to enroll your Android device in Microsoft Intune.

Supported Device Platforms for Remote Lock

Remote lock is supported for the following platforms :-

  • Android Devices
  • Android Enterprise kiosk devices
  • Android Enterprise work profile devices
  • Android Enterprise fully managed devices
  • Android Enterprise corporate-owned with work profile devices
  • iOS
  • macOS

Note – The Remote lock device action in Intune isn’t supported for Windows 10 desktop and Windows 11 desktops. The option to remote lock and reset passcode device actions are disabled or greyed out for Windows OS in Intune.

How to Remotely lock devices with Intune

To remotely lock devices from Intune portal :-

How to Remotely lock devices with Intune
How to Remotely lock devices with Intune

When you initiate a remote lock action, you get a confirmation box. Are you sure you want to lock this device? Users with the passcode will be able to unlock the device. Select Yes.

How to Remotely lock devices with Intune
How to Remotely lock devices with Intune

As soon as you trigger a remote lock on a device, in the Intune portal, under Notifications, you see a new notification – Remote lock initiated. This confirms the remote lock has been initiated on a remote device.

Remote Device Lock Notification
Remote Device Lock Notification

In the Intune portal, you can check the status of remote lock for a device. Select the device on which you initiated the remote lock and check Device Action Status. It now shows Remote lock status as complete. This means the remote lock has been successful on our Android Device.

Remote Lock Successful
Remotely lock devices with Intune

Regarding the end-user experience, I noticed that my Android mobile instantly got locked after I triggered the remote lock action. To unlock it, I had to enter the PIN.

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  1. Avatar photo Ammad Khan says:

    Hello Mr. Desai, Thank you for sharing this information.
    I am looking for same option for Windows Devices. Is there any possibility to implement Remote lock in Windows devices?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ammad Khan

  2. Avatar photo Tero Fenet says:

    When a phone gets remotely locked, is it then possible to get it’s last known location?