Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010

Prajwal Desai
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The Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010 is out. You will find cool new features when you install SCCM technical preview 2010.

To add new features to your technical preview site, you must first update to ConfigMgr technical preview 2010. Read the following post to find out the previous technical preview builds and their version numbers.

SCCM Technical Preview 2010 New Features

SCCM technical preview includes the following new features and improvements.

  • New Syntax highlighting for scripting languages – To assist you while creating scripts and queries in the SCCM console, syntax highlighting and code folding are now available.
  • Deploy a task sequence to a user – You can now deploy a non-OS deployment task sequence to a user-based collection. Furthermore you can use the task sequence deployment type of an application to install or uninstall it.
  • Status Messages Shortcuts – With this update, Microsoft made it easier way to view status messages for the following objects. Devices, Users, Content and Deployments.
  • Enable user proxy for software update scans – Starting with September 2020 cumulative update, HTTP-based WSUS servers will be secure by default. A client scanning for updates against an HTTP-based WSUS will no longer be allowed to leverage a user proxy by default. If you still require a user proxy despite the security trade-offs, a new software updates client setting is available to allow these connections.
  • Improvements to task sequence performance for power plans – In version 1910, we could run the task sequence with high performance power plan. Starting in SCCM technical preview 2010, you can now use this option on devices with modern standby and other devices that don’t have that default power plan. Furthermore it creates a temporary power plan that’s similar to the default for High Performance. After the task sequence completes, it reverts to the original power plan, and deletes the temporary plan.
  • Desktop Analytics support for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC – With SCCM technical preview 2010, you can now enroll LTSC devices to Desktop Analytics to evaluate in your deployment plans.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010

You can install the Configuration Manager technical preview 2010 update from Updates and Servicing node on the console. Right click technical preview 2010 update and click Install Update Pack.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010

Since this is a technical preview build, I will skip the prerequisite check warnings. Click Next.

SCCM technical preview 2010
SCCM technical preview 2010

On the remaining wizard pages, click Next and finally on the Completion page, click Close.

SCCM technical preview 2010
SCCM technical preview 2010

You must upgrade the console to use the new features. Click OK to begin the Configuration Manager console upgrade. A new version of console 5.2010.1072.1000 will be installed.

Technical Preview Configuration Manager 2010 Snap4

Post the console upgrade, launch the console and check the Configuration Manager version. Ensure it matches the below details.

  • Version 2010 Technical Preview
  • Console Version – 5.2010.1072.1000
  • Site Version – 5.0.9032.1000
About ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2010
About Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010

Before you plan to test any new feature, ensure you update the client agents to new version.

That completes the installation of SCCM technical preview 2010 update. You can now start exploring the new features.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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