Configuration Manager Current Branch Update 1610 New Features

Configuration Manager Current Branch Update 1610 New Features – Let’s look at the new features that Configuration Manager current branch 1610 update brings with it. In my previous post we saw the installation of SCCM ConfigMgr update 1610. SCCM Update 1610 includes some new features and enhancements. In this post we will discuss about the SCCM update 1610 new features. I will be listing some cool features that are part of this update. In addition for all the new features check what’s new in update 1610.

As per Microsoft there are more than 1 million devices that are being managed by SCCM 1610. Also many customers are upgrading their SCCM environment to version 1511.

Configuration Manager Current Branch update 1610 New Features

So let’s take a look at Configuration Manager 1610 update features.

  1. Software Center – The software center in SCCM update 1610 is really improved. When you deploy an application to the users, users can request it either via Application catalog or software center. The new available applications are notified with New tag. When you install Application Catalog website point site server role, you also define a color. The software center will now use the same color specified in App catalog website point site role properties. Here is a video example.

Configuration Manager Current Branch update 1610 New Features2. Dashboard for managing Office 365 clients – New Office 365 Client Management dashboard is available with update 1610. You can find it under Software Library, Office 365 Client Management. It shows total number of office 365 clients in your setup. Also it shows Office 365 Client Versions, languages and channels.

Configuration Manager Current Branch Update 1610 New Features3. New Features added to Remote Control – Most of all for remote control feature, the performance optimization for remote sessions has been done. Also you could use options optimize for low bandwidth connection, choose color depth etc.

Configuration Manager Current Branch Update 1610 New Features4. Peer Cache solution – Finally this solution comes with SCCM update 1610. Peer cache allows clients to share it’s content with other clients using local cache. This is a very useful feature when the clients are in a remote location. More info here.Configuration Manager Current Branch Update 1610 New Features5. Cloud Management Gateway & Upgrade Analytics Connector – Cloud management gateway allows you to manage SCCM clients on internet (internet based clients). However the requirements include Microsoft Azure subscription. The cloud management gateway service connects to your on-prem Configuration Manager infrastructure. This is using a new role called the cloud management gateway connection point.

The Upgrade analytics connector for Windows 10 allows you to assess and analyze device readiness and compatibility with Windows 10 to allow smoother upgrades. More info here.

Configuration Manager Current Branch Update 1610 New Features


  1. Avatar photo Zanith Ramada says:

    Hi Prajwal, can you compare the pros and cons of Peer cache and 1E Nomad? can we use both together for optimum results?

  2. Avatar photo Chris Snell says:

    Where is the “Software Updates Compliance Dashboard” as promised. I cant find it anywhere!

    1. Avatar photo Navneet Singh Ghura says:

      It is under Monitoring > Overview > Security > Software Updates Dashboard

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