Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

In this post we will see how to upgrade client agents and console post SCCM 2016 upgrade. I am referring to Configuration Manager 1602 console and client upgrade. System Center Configuration Manager uses an in-console service method called Updates and Servicing that makes it easy to locate and then install recommended updates for your Configuration Manager infrastructure.

In my previous post we saw the step by step method to upgrade your Configuration Manager 1511 to 1602 version. Once you have upgraded your ConfigMgr to version 1602 you need to upgrade both the client agents and the configuration manager consoles for your IT engineers.

With Configuration Manager version 1602 the console upgrade step is very easy. There is an auto-update feature which allows you to upgrade the console to the latest version.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

After you upgrade to SCCM 1602, launch the Configuration manager console. It will prompt with a warning box and asks you to click OK to upgrade. Click OK to start the console upgrade process. Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

I got this error when I clicked OK. Just click Retry and upgrade starts.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

Required files are being downloaded for console upgrade.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

The console is being upgraded.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

Once the upgrade is complete, open the Configuration Manager Console and click on the upper left corner on the blue arrow and click About Configuration Manager. You can see that the Console has been upgraded to latest version. The console version is 5.0.8355.1000 and site version is 5.00.8355.1000.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

To monitor the console upgrade process, open the ConfigMgrAdminUISetupVerbose.log file located on C drive. If the console is upgraded successfully, you will find the following lines in log file.

Product: System Center Configuration Manager Console — Installation operation completed successfully.

Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: System Center Configuration Manager Console. Product Version: 5.00.8355.1000. Product Language: 1033

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

Let’s check the Site Properties and look for the version and build number. Go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites. Right-click your site and select Properties. The version should be 5.00.8355.1000 and Build number should be 8355.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

Next, ensure that you distribute the Configuration Manager Client Package and Configuration Manager Client Piloting Package to the distribution points. You can find both these packages under Software Library > Overview > Application Management > Packages. 

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

Upgrading the Clients

Once your site is upgraded to SCCM version 1602, you need to upgrade the clients. Upgrading the clients can be done using various ways. If an update includes the Configuration Manager client, you are offered the option to test the update in pre-production, or to apply the update to all clients immediately.

  1. Automatic Client Upgrade – When you enable the Automatic client upgrade, your client will be upgraded automatically within number of days that you specify. To do this click on Administration > Site Configuration > Sites. Click on the Hierarchy Settings button on the top ribbon. Click Client Upgrade tab and check the box Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client. Select the desired number of days you want your upgrade to be run and click OK. A schedule task will be created on the clients and run within the specified number of days.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

2. Creating Collection and Using Client Push – You could create a collection to group the clients that need an upgrade and then using client push method you can upgrade the clients. To create a collection right click Device Collection > Create Device Collection. Provide name to the collection and choose limiting collection and click Next. In the next page add a query rule > Provide a name to the query and click Edit Query Statement. Add criteria and Select Attribute Class as System Resource, Attribute as Client Version, Value = 5.00.8355.1000 and click OK.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

Once the collection is ready, right click on the collection and click Install Client. Complete the remaining steps of push installation wizard. After sometime the client agents are upgraded.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

To check the client version, on the client machine open the control panel > Configuration Manager > General and check the Version. It should show as 5.00.8355.1000.

Configuration Manager 1602 Console and Client upgrade

You could use the below query to create a collection to group old version client agents and push the new client version of client agent.

select *  from  SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.ClientVersion != "5.00.8355.1000"


select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.ClientVersion != '5.00.8355.1000'

Note that Boot images are automatically updated during setup. You just need to update the boot images so that they are available with the distribution points.


  1. How to install Console in desktop for remote desktop connections (helpdesk L1, L2 teams), any specific roles need to assign..

    Purpose :
    Desktop remote
    Software pushing or membership status checking ..etc basic help desk functions

  2. Avatar photo André Petinga says:

    Hello all.

    Since SCCM 2012 my “Client Push Installation Properties”, is configured with /skipprereq:Silverlight.exe in the “Installation Properties” tab.

    But now, with SCCM 1610, it seems that this line no longer works! I Have client log files with error installing Silverlight!

    Can anyone explain me what is wrong? In a Microsoft page it says that this option is valid for “System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)”, so i assume that is valid to SCCM 1610, right??

    Thanks in advance

  3. Avatar photo Matt Dillon says:

    Where does the latest console install get downloaded to? I am just setting up a SCCM system and after getting a script written yesterday to install the previous console install, I got this pop up today. I was able to upgrade my console, but I want to make sure I install the latest version on the other members of the IT OPS team initially. I would think this would go to to sms_site name share in the tools folder, but I did not see it there.

  4. Prajawal,

    Very well written piece, made the process really easy. Thanks.


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