ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009 New Features

The ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009 update is out and comes with exciting new features. Let’s look at the new features in SCCM technical preview 2009 and the update installation.

Almost every month we see a new technical preview release. We also see a lot of new features and fixes over previous release. Some of these features will also make it to next current branch build.

If you want to test out the new features in technical preview builds, you can set up an SCCM instance in your lab. That’s because tech preview builds aren’t meant for production use.

Click the following link to go through previous tech preview installation guides and build numbers. More information about new features in TP 2009 is on Microsoft Docs.

ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009 New Features

Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009 new features include :-

  • Cloud management gateway with virtual machine scale set – cloud management gateway (CMG) deployments now use virtual machine scale sets in Azure. So when you create a CMG in the Configuration Manager console, the default option to deploy the cloud service is as a Virtual machine scale set.
  • New Feature to deploy an OS over CMG using boot media – Starting in SCCM 2006, the CMG supports running a task sequence with a boot image when you start it from Software Center. With this release, you can now use boot media to reimage internet-based devices that connect through a CMG.
  • View Collection Relationships – You can now view dependency relationships between collections in a graphical format. It shows limiting, include, and exclude relationships.
  • Notifications for devices no longer receiving updates – With this new feature, you’ll be notified about devices with operating systems that are past the end of support date. In addition the devices that are no longer eligible to receive security updates is also seen.

SCCM Technical Preview 2009 Improvements

If you look at the fixes and improvements added to 2009 build, here are some of them.

  • Improved Windows Server restart experience for non-administrator accounts
  • Improvements to in-console notifications – Notifications are more readable and the action link is easier to find.
  • SCCM Remote control Improvements – You can start a remote control session, select the option to Connect via CMG or HTTPS MP. Applies for the following scenarios – CMG, HTTPS management point and Enhanced HTTP site.
  • Wake machine at deployment deadline using peer clients on the same remote subnet
  • Improvements to OS deployment – The Configuration Manager console shows the size in KB for all existing task sequences. While in the previous release it only showed size of 0 for existing task sequences. The size was only updated when you modified the task sequence.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009

Follow the below steps to install ConfigMgr technical preview 2009 update.

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration > Updates and Servicing node.
  • Right click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009 and click Install Update Pack.
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009

On the General page, click Next.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009

Click Next.

ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009
ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009

On the Completion window, click Close.

ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009
ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2009

Finally you must upgrade the console to latest version 5.2010.1060.1000. Click OK to begin the console upgrade.

SCCM 2009 Console Upgrade
SCCM 2009 Console Upgrade

The new site version after installing technical preview 2009 is 5.00.9030.1000. The new client agent version is 5.00.9030.1000. Ensure you update the clients before you test the new features.

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