ConfigMgr 2212 Technical Preview Update Details

There will be no ConfigMgr 2212 Technical Preview release. Yes, you heard it right: Microsoft skipped the 2212 technical preview release, and the next TP release will be version 2301.

Typically, Microsoft releases a technical preview version every single month of the year. In the past, we also saw two technical preview releases in a month. But for the first time ever, there won’t be a technical preview release.

On this blog, I have been covered the installation and new features all the versions of technical preview that have been released so far. Did you know that there have been 97 technical preview versions released by Microsoft so far? The two previous technical preview releases were TP 2211 and TP 2210 and version 2212 was expected in the month of December 2022. Here is an updated guide consisting of all the SCCM technical preview releases.

ConfigMgr 2212 Technical Preview Update

Last month, I got a few emails asking about the release of SCCM TP 2212, but it wasn’t clear to me why the technical preview wasn’t out yet. Microsoft typically updates all the documentation on their website regarding technical preview releases, but there was no word about TP version 2212.

No ConfigMgr 2212 Technical Preview Update
No ConfigMgr 2212 Technical Preview Update

My initial thought was that the TP 2212 release might have been postponed because of the Christmas holidays. To my surprise, I learned that SCCM TP 2212 will not be released and that the next technical preview version 2301 will instead be made available in January 2023.

People in the ConfigMgr community have reacted in different ways to the omission of technical preview version 2212. I prefer not to make any remarks or inferences about why the ConfigMgr product team skipped version 2212. Although I am unsure of the precise reason why the 2212 TP release was skipped, I believe there must be some good explanations.

For anyone who is concerned about the future of SCCM and Intune taking over ConfigMgr, I would like to tell you that Configuration Manager is not dead. ConfigMgr has many capabilities that Intune lacks. There is a ConfigMgr Product Team, and future versions will have a lot of new features.

Last but not least, the upcoming ConfigMgr Technical Preview version 2301, scheduled for release in January 2023, can be expected to include a good set of features. I hope I have provided enough details about the ConfigMgr 2212 technical preview version. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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