Windows 11 ADK Versions and Downloads

This post contains list of Windows 11 ADK versions history and download links. Microsoft has released the ADK for Windows 11.

You can download ADK for Windows 11 on the Windows ADK downloads page. On the same page, you can also download the ADK for Windows Server 2022.

Windows ADK also contains deployment tools such as WinPE, Sysprep, and other tools that you can use to customize and deploy Windows 11 images.

Windows ADK contains a set of tools to customize Windows images for large-scale deployment. Not only that you can use the tools to test the quality and performance of your system and applications running on it.

Every new release of Windows ADK contains new features and enhancements.

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Download Windows ADK for Windows 11

Like Windows 10 ADK, you got two separate installers for Windows 11 ADK that you can download.

  • Download the Windows ADK
  • Download the WinPE add-on for the Windows ADK
Download ADK for Windows 11
Download ADK for Windows 11

Windows 11 ADK Versions and Downloads

Here is a list of Windows 11 ADK versions and download links. I will keep them updating as and when the new versions are released.

The version details of Windows 11 ADK and WinPE are given below :-

  • WinPE Windows 11 Version for 21H2 – 10.1. 22000.1.
  • Windows 11 ADK version for 21H2 – 10.1. 22000.1.
Windows 11 ADK VersionsVersion NumberADK Download Link
Windows 1110.1.22000.1ADK Download
WinPE Addon Download

Before you install the ADK for Windows 11, ensure you uninstall the old version of ADK first. The installation of Windows 11 ADK is simple. If you are installing Windows 11 ADK for SCCM, you must first install ADK and then install WinPE add-on.

Find ADK version on Windows 11

To find the ADK version number on Windows 11, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Look for Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) and look for Version column. For example, the Windows 11 ADK version currently shows 10.1.22000.1

Windows 11 ADK Version Number
Windows 11 ADK Version Number

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  1. I have tried to use the adksetup.exe to download the ADK but keep getting the “setup cannot locate Toolkit Documentation-x86_en-us.msi” error message.

    Internet connection is working.

    Any advice?

  2. Do you know if they released a fixed version for the TPM pre-provisioning issue? I just installed it a couple of days ago and the version number is still 10.1.22000.1 so I assume not.


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