SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2 Features

Prajwal Desai
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The SCCM technical preview 1908.2 is released. The previous version was Configuration Manager tech preview 1908 and version 1908.2 update and comes with some improvements and features.

The version 1908.2 is a second technical preview update for this month and it is not a big update. It includes much of improvements rather than new features.

In this post I will cover the improvements and new features that are baked in this update. To know the technical preview build numbers or version numbers click here.

The technical preview builds are intended for lab use only. For ConfigMgr Technical preview requirements and limitations, read this updated article from Microsoft. To know about the 1908.2 release, click here.

SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2 Features

Here are the list of improvements and new features included with SCCM technical preview 1908.2 release. You never know you may see them in SCCM 1910 current branch release soon.

Improvements to multicast-enabled distribution points

Without installing WDS, you can now enable multicast on a distribution point server. Because WDS isn’t required, the multicast-enabled distribution point can be either a client or server OS, including Windows Server Core.

The distribution point and Configuration Manager client use the following network ports:

  • TCP 27500-27755
  • UDP 27500-27755
  • UDP 64001-64256

Make sure your network infrastructure allows the use of these ports.

Set keyboard layout during SCCM OS deployment

This is an amazing feature. You can now set the default keyboard layout during an OS deployment task sequence. The Apply Windows Settings task sequence step includes the setting to Set default keyboard layout in Windows.

Under Set default keyboard layout in Windows such as English (India), click the drop-down and select the default keyboard layout.

Set keyboard layout during OS deployment
Set keyboard layout during OS deployment

Improvements to SCCM Console Connections

You can see now improvements done to SCCM console connections.

  • You can message other administrators through Microsoft Teams. Most of all Microsoft Teams should be installed on your computer and the destination computer. In the console connections node, right click user name and click Message Administrator.
  • The Last Console Heartbeat column has replaced the Last Connected Time column. An open console in the foreground sends a heartbeat every 10 minutes.

message other administrators through Microsoft TeamsOptimizations to the CMPivot engine

The TP 1908.2 release include significant optimizations to the CMPivot engine that allows to push more of the processing to the ConfigMgr client. The optimizations drastically reduce the network and server CPU load needed to run CMPivot queries. With these optimizations, we can now sift through gigabytes of client data in real time.

Install SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2

To install Configuration Manager technical preview 1908.2

  • Launch SCCM Console.
  • Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing.
  • Right-click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1908.2 and click Install Update Pack.
Install SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2
Install SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2

The ConfigMgr tech preview 1908.2 update includes

  • Configuration Manager Site server and console updates
  • Configuration Manager client updates
  • Fixes for known issues
  • New Features

Since I am installing this build in my lab setup, I will ignore all prerequisite warnings. Click Next.

Ignore prereqcheck warnings

Click Next.

select new features in update

For Client Update options, I am going to select upgrade without validating. Click Next.

Install SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2

Finally on the completion page, click Close.

Install SCCM Technical Preview 1908.2

To monitor the update installation status, go to Monitoring > Updates and Servicing Status. The Console version will be updated from 5.1910.1011.1000 to 5.1910.1025.1000.

console upgrade

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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