SCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64

Prajwal Desai
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SCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64 abortpxe – During my visit to customer place, I was told that OSD doesn’t work at all on few machines. I got to see a laptop that had the issue where it wasn’t picking up the task sequence. While on all the other laptops the OSD was working fine, for few specific laptops the OSD wasn’t working at all. I assumed this had to be an issue with the laptops. That wasn’t true and when PXE booted, the laptop didn’t pick up the task sequence, the error was

Contacting server : IP address of DP
TFTP download: smsboot\x64\
PXE Boot Aborted. Booting to next device…
PXE-M0F : Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

SCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64 abortpxeSCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64

After performing some checks and troubleshooting, I got to know that it was an old laptop and was not connected to domain since long time. The next step was to investigate SMSPXE.log file located on local DP. In the SMSPXE.log file it clearly showed that the laptop with MAC address and GUID was already in the database. Therefore obsolete computer entry is stored in the SQL database.

F0:1F:AF:25:5A:38, 4C4C4544-0043-3310-8056-C4C04F465931: device is in the database.

SCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64 abortpxeThe next step is to find out the computer name using the GUID. Launch the SQL server management studio. Under Databases, right click Configuration Manager database and click New Query. Use the below query to fetch computer details using GUID.


Press Execute and in the results pane you see a lot of info. Look for computer name shown under Distinguished_Name0.

SCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64 abortpxeIn the configuration manager console, search the device using it’s name. Right click and delete the computer name. You could also delete the computer object from active directory.

SCCM OSD TFTP download smsboot x64 abortpxeWhen you PXE boot the laptop, the OSD process should begin.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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