SCCM Mobile Device Collection Queries

In this short post I will be listing out SCCM Mobile Device Collection Queries. If you come across some new queries for mobile devices then do mention in the comments section.

I have also published another post on creating device collection for windows 10 computers. You can read more about that post here.

Query in SCCM – In SCCM, you can create and run queries to locate objects that match your query criteria. Queries can return most types of Configuration Manager objects, which include sites, collections, applications, and inventory data.

When you create queries they get stored in SCCM site database. When you install Configuration Manager, you get some built-in queries. However if your requirement is something specific, you must create a new query.

SCCM Mobile Device Collection Queries

You can use the below queries while creating a SCCM collection.

Collection Query for Android devices

Device Collection Query for iPhones

Device Collection Query for iPads

Query for Windows Phone 8 devices

Windows Phone 8.1 devices Query

Windows Phone RT devices Query


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