SCCM Configuration Manager Quiz Questions Part 1

I had this post saved in my drafts and I wanted to publish this post since a long time. With SCCM growing big in today’s market, a lot of people look to test their SCCM knowledge. Previously I had put up a quiz on my website but that didn’t work well. This post contains SCCM Configuration Manager quiz questions and I will be publishing it in parts. Previously I got a feedback that lot of questions were packed in single quiz. In addition visitors felt that the quiz was pretty time consuming. So not to worry, i will publish them in parts so that you can choose and answer. Note that these questions are just for practice. Do not assume that this will help you in clearing any online exams. This is just for learning and enhancing your SCCM skills.

SCCM Configuration Manager Quiz Questions Part 1

Question 1. You work as a senior administrator at The makes use of SCCM. You want to make sure that all client workstations have the same default client settings for hardware inventory configured. You have to make use of the correct procedure to extend hardware inventory. Which of the following actions should you take?

A. You should consider creating custom WMI classes in Configuration Manager.
B. You should consider enabling the default WMI classes used by Configuration Manager.
C. You should consider creating an IDMIF file.
D. You should consider creating a NOIDMIF file.

Correct Answer: B

Question 2. A domain makes use of Configuration Manager in their environment. You are in the process of running a training exercise for Configuration Manager users. You are currently discussing site system roles. Which of the following is TRUE with regards to the Enrollment proxy point site system role?.

A. It’s a site system role that provides policy and service location information to clients and receives configuration data from clients.
B. It is a site system role that helps you monitor client installation.
C. It is a site system role that contains source files for clients to download.
D. It is a site system role that uses PKI certificates to complete mobile device enrollment and to provision Intel AMT-based computers.
E. It is a site system role that manages enrollment requests from mobile devices so that it can be managed by Configuration Manager.

Correct Answer: E

Question 3. Which of the following are recorded in Sitestat.log file ?.

A. The availability and disk space monitoring process of all site systems.
B. The site setting modifications made to site control objects in the database.
C. The result of the site backup process.
D. The details regarding the maintenance of the installed site components on all site system servers in the site.

Correct Answer: A

Question 4. You have an Application named Test1. You need to ensure that users in the finance department can install Test1 by using the Application Catalog. What should you do?.

A. Create a required user deployment and target deployment to all of the finance department users.
B. Create a required user deployment and target the deployment to all client computers in the finance department.
C. Create an available user deployment and target the deployment to all of the finance department users.
D. Create an available user deployment and target the deployment to all client computers in the finance department.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5. You deploy Windows 7 by using Operating System Deployment (OSD). The development task sequence contains steps to install software updates and Applications. The amount of time required to deploy the Windows 7 image has increased significantly during the last six months. You need to recommend a solution to reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy the image. What should you recommend?.

A. Synchronize software updates before deploying the image.
B. Use offline servicing for the image.
C. Create a new automatic deployment rule.
D. Add an additional Install Software Updates step to the deployment task sequence.

Correct Answer: B

Question 6. Your company uses System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to distribute operating system images. The standard operating system for client computers is Windows 7 Enterprise (x86). You receive 300 new desktop computers. Each computer has a new storage controller. When you attempt to deploy an existing image to one of the computers, you receive an error message indicating that a storage device cannot be found during the pre-boot deployment phase. You need to ensure that you can deploy Windows 7 to the new computers by using an image. What should you do?.

A. Import the storage drivers to the Drivers container and update the task sequence.
B. Create a new x64 boot image and configure the operating system image to use x64 boot image.
C. Create a new driver package and update the task sequence.
D. Update the existing x86 boot image to include the storage drivers.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7. Your network contains a Configuration Manager environment. You plan to create a Build and Capture task sequence to build a reference image of Windows 7. You need to identify which Application must exist in Configuration Manager before you can create the Build and Capture task sequence. Which Applications should be present ?.

A. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).
B. Configuration Manager client.
C. System Preparation tool (Sysprep).
D. User State Migration Tool (USMT).

Correct Answer: A,B

Question 8. As an Configuration Admin for a single primary site you need to provide users with the ability to remotely reset their mobile device to the factory settings. What should you install?.

A. Application Catalog web service point and Application Catalog website point
B. Out of Band service point and Application Catalog web service point
C. Device management point and System Health validator point
D. System Health Validator point and Application Catalog website point

Correct Answer: A

Question 9. Your network contains a WSUS server. All client computers are configured as WSUS clients. All of the client computers have Windows Firewall enabled. Windows Firewall is configured to block File and Printer Sharing. Users are not configured as local Administrators on their client computers. You deploy System Center Configuration Manager. You need to identify which methods you can use to deploy the Configuration Manager client to all of the client computers. Which client installation methods should you identify?

A. Logon script installation
B. Manual client installation
C. Software update-based client installation
D. Client Push Installation
E. Active Directory Group Policy-based installation

Correct Answer: C,E

Question 10. Your network contains a Configuration Manager environment. You need to change the organization name displayed by Configuration Manager. Which settings should you modify from the Configuration Manager console?.

A. Client Policy
B. Computer Agent
C. User and Device Affinity
D. Compliance Settings

Correct Answer: B

Question 11. In your SCCM setup, Software Inventory and Hardware Inventory are enabled for all of the client computers. All of the client computers have an Application named Test1 installed. Test1 saves files to the C:\test folder. All of the files saved by Test1 have a file name extension of .pdf. You configure Software Inventory to inventory all of the files that have the .pdf  extension and the .exe extension. After six months, you discover that some of the client computers fad to inventory .pdf files. All of the client computers inventory .exe files. You need to ensure that the .pdf files are inventoried. What should you do?

A. Modify C:\Program Files\Test1\NO_SMS_On_Drive.sms.
B. Delete C:\Program Files\Test1\NO-SMS_On_Drive.sms.
C. Modify C:\test\Skpswi.dat.
D. Delete C:\test\Skpswi.dat.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12. After configuring Software Inventory in your SCCM setup, you discover that a group of client computers fails to report software inventory data. The client computers report hardware inventory data. You confirm that Configuration Manager can deploy Applications to the group of client computers. You need to identify what is causing the reporting issue. Which log files should you review?.

A. Filesystemfile.log
B. Dataldr.log
C. Mp_sinv.log
D. Inventoryagent.log
E. Hman.log

Correct Answer: B,D

Question 13. You create a deployment to install Microsoft Office 2013. The deployment targets 4,000 client computers on the network. Two weeks after you create the deployment, you discover that Office 2013 fails to install on a client computer named SYS1. You need to identify whether SYS1 started downloading the Application of Office 2013. Which log file should you review?

A. Locationservices.log
B. Ccm.log
C. Sitestat.log
D. Rcmctrl.log
E. Dcmagent.log
F. Contenttransfermanager.log

Correct Answer: F

Question 14. Your network contains a Configuration Manager environment. The Configuration Manager databases are located on a remote server that runs Microsoft SQL Server. You need to ensure that you can restore the Central Administration site. What should you do?.

A. From the SCCM console, enable the Backup Site Server maintenance task and set a schedule.
B. From Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, create a maintenance plan for the site databases.
C. From Task Scheduler, create a scheduled task that runs smssqlbkup.exe.
D. From Windows Server Backup, schedule a full system backup.

Correct Answer: A

Question 15. You need to create a list of all the client computers that have a version of Visual Studio installed. You write the following query:
select SYS.Name from SMS_R_System SYS
on ARP.ResourceId = SYS.ResourceId

What should you add to the query?
A. where ARP.DisplayName like “Visual Studio*”
B. where ARP.DisplayName = “*Visual Studio*”
C. where ARP.DisplayNarae = “%%Visual Studio”
D. where ARP.DisplayName like “Visual studio%”

Correct Answer: D

Question 16. Your network contains a Configuration Manager environment. You need to receive an email message every day that lists all non-compliant clients. What should you do?.

A. Create an alert subscription.
B. Configure a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report.
C. Configure an in-console alert.
D. Create a ConfigMgr query.

Correct Answer: B

Question 17. You create a report named Report1. Report1 is used by multiple users. Users report that it takes too long to load Report1. You need to reduce the amount of time it takes to load Report1. What should you do?.

A. Enable caching for the report.
B. Decrease the Size of the ReportServer database.
C. Decrease the session timeout value for the Reports website.
D. Increase the size of the ReportServerTempDB database.

Correct Answer: A

Question 18. You are creating a configuration item that contains application settings for Microsoft Office 2013. You need to detect whether Office 2013 is installed before validating the configuration item. What should you do?.

A. Create a query-based collection.
B. Create an automatic deployment rule.
C. Create a report to display all installed software.
D. Enable Use Windows Installer detection.

Correct Answer: D

Question 19. A domain consists of workstations that have a 32-bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise installed. This image is deployed using SCCM. You want to make sure that this image is kept up-to-date. Which of the following is TRUE when updating boot images? (Choose all that apply.)

A. You can add device drivers to a boot without importing and enabling them in the device driver catalog.
B. The boot image does not change any of the associated packages that the boot image references.
C. You must update the distribution points that contain a version of the boot image subsequent to you making changes to a boot image.
D. You can schedule an update of the distribution point.

Correct Answer: B,C

Question 20. As a Configuration manager admin, you have been instructed to assign security admin named James, a security role that allows him to define and monitor security policies. Which of the following is the security role that should be assigned to James?.

A. Asset Manager.
B. Endpoint Protection Manager.
C. Compliance Settings Manager.
D. Infrastructure Administrator.

Correct Answer: B

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Hi, Thank you for your post.
I have a different opinion about Question 12. The answer can be A. Filesystemfile.log, C. Mp_sinv.log and D. Inventoryagent.log

Why this not?
B. Dataldr.log – It’s about hardware inventory
E. Hman.log – It’s about site configuration changes


Fantastic quiz! Thank you very much

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