New SCCM ClientServicing log file details

Many of you are wondering about what’s this SCCM clientservicing log file ?. What does this log file actually contain.

There are threads on Reddit and Technet forums inquiring about the clientservicing log file. However not much details about this log file is available online.

Few users have noticed Clientservicing.log file logging huge data during operating system deployment. This is a common issue. In this post I will try to cover the info about clientservicing.log file which i got from the product group.

SCCM Clientservicing log file details

Here is an explanation about clientservicing.log file in SCCM. Microsoft recently came up with a new client servicing endpoint for facilitating client auto-upgrade or piloting.

Clientservicing.log file helps deliver the client deployment state messages only. If the client agent is upgraded successfully at the end it will just write the state message to WMI.

This endpoint will pick up to try delivering to Management point server and fall back to FSP only when the client wasn’t able to assign/register. This can help to improve the reliability and latency of the deployment state messages. The log file is for this component.

The clientservicing log file is located under \Windows\CCM\Logs folder path.

SCCM 1702 Clientservicing log file details

Opening clientservicing.log file contains the following lines.

Started client deployment pending message handler job.
StateId: 400, SiteCode: 'TEC', ClientVersion: '5.00.8498.1008'
Params: '5.0.8498.1008 Deployment [DP]$/TEC00002'
Details: '<ClientDeploymentMessage ErrorCode="0"><Client Baseline="1" Platform="2"> <SourceType Value="DP"/><SourceLocation Value="$/TEC00002"/><DeploymentMethod Value="1"/>
Client is registered. Sending client deployment state message using State Message Endpoint.
Received WMI __InstanceModificationEvent Event notification for class CCM_PendingDeploymentStateMessage

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  1. So, why are people reporting large file sizes for a log that only contains client deployment state messages? And what should be done if the file gets huge?

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