SCCM 1906 Hotfix KB4527297 [Out of band Hotfix]

Prajwal Desai
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There is a new hotfix KB4527297 available for SCCM 1906. This hotfix addresses an issue where data sync between the Microsoft Store for Business and a SCCM site server will fail when a proxy server configured on the site.

Anyone who is experiencing this issue would find the below errors in WsfbSyncWorker.log on the site server.

Error getting application token, converting to WsfbAuthenticationException. Original exception:
System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: An error occurred while sending the request. ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved: ''
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
at System.Net.Http.HttpClientHandler.GetResponseCallback(IAsyncResult ar)

The hotfix KB4527297 applies to SCCM version 1906 and is an out-of-band release. So you have to first download the hotfix. Then use the update registration tool to manually import the update to the SCCM console. The tool extracts the update package to site server and the update can be installed from SCCM console.

To know how to use SCCM update registration tool, read this post.

If you are currently running Configuration Manager 1906 and if you aren’t experiencing the above issue, you may skip installing this hotfix.

To download the hotfix KB4527297 click here. You don’t have to restart the computer after you apply this hotfix. This hotfix does not replace any previously released hotfix.

Import Hotfix KB4527297 using SCCM Update Registration Tool

To import hotfix (KB4527297) using update registration tool in SCCM console.

  • First of all login to the computer that hosts the service connection point role.
  • Launch the command prompt as administrator. Change the path to the folder that contains the hotfix.
  • Run the command <Product>-<product version>-<KB article ID>-ConfigMgr.Update.exe to start the update registration tool.
  • The update registration tool extracts the update package to site server.
  • Wait for the update or hotfix to appear in SCCM console.

SCCM update registration tool

Click Exit.

SCCM update registration tool

Install SCCM 1906 Hotfix KB4527297

To install Configuration Manager 1906 hotfix KB4527297

  • Launch the SCCM console.
  • Go to Updates and Servicing node and look for the hotfix KB4527297.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 1906 hotfix KB4527297 and click Install Update Pack.

Install SCCM 1906 Hotfix KB4527297

Note that this hotfix includes updates for site server and console. Click Next.

Install SCCM 1906 Hotfix KB4527297

On the Completion page, click Close.


To monitor the hotfix installation, go to Monitoring > Updates and Servicing Status. Right click the hotfix and click Show Status.

Since the hotfix also updates the console, you must upgrade the console to complete the installation. The new version of console will be 5.1906.1096.2200.SCCM Console Upgrade

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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