Microsoft SCCM Intune Certification Exam 70-696 Details

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I have been asked by many people about how to get certified on latest version of SCCM. I also get questions about where can one learn SCCM and write the exams. This post contains information about Microsoft SCCM Intune Certification Exam 70-696. I will document most of things in this post and I hope you will get a clear idea about SCCM exams and certifications. At the end of the post, I have some useful FAQ’s that you can go through.

While SCCM used in many organizations, having SCCM skills and certification will definitely add lot of value. Not only that you must also have good SCCM troubleshooting skills to get into a good job. Just a note here Microsoft 70-243 Exam was retired on July 31, 2017. It was all about managing SCCM 2012 which is quite an old topic now. So what would be the replacement or suitable exam currently available for the administration of SCCM ?.

As per this link, System Center Configuration Manager has now got new MOC courses. These two new MOC courses will be aligned to one new certification exam (70-703) which is still to-be-released. It was supposed to be released by October 2017 but there is no update on this. The following MOC courses will cover primary SCCM topics:

  • 20703-1A: Administering System Center Configuration Manager.
  • 20703-2A: Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager.

Microsoft SCCM Intune Certification Exam 70-696 Details

Currently there is just 70-696 exam available and more info about it is documented here. The topics included in exam 70-696: Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune are below.

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  • Deploy and manage virtual applications.
  • Plan and implement software updates.
  • Manage compliance and Endpoint Protection settings.
  • Deploy and manage desktop and mobile applications.
  • Manage Configuration Manager clients.
  • Manage inventory using Configuration Manager.
  • Provision and manage mobile devices.

FAQ’s about Microsoft SCCM Intune Certification Exam

I will try to answer some questions that are frequently asked about SCCM exams and it’s certifications.

Should I attempt for 70-696 or wait for exam 70-703 ?.

Well, if you ask me i would suggest you to wait for exam 70-703 to be released. The exam might be released in Q1 2018. As this new exam will cover topics on both SCCM and Intune, probably it’s worth waiting for it to be released. Most of all if you are applying for a job that requires SCCM certification as prerequisite, go for 70-696.

Is there an official Practice Test for Exam 70-696 available ?.

Yes there is a practice test for exam 70-696 available here. After clicking this link you will asked to select the country. However you need to make a purchase and the cost is $99. What you get is Microsoft Official Practice Test, detailed answers and references. It also includes study and timed certification mode and instant score report.

Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune course details ?.

Yes, you can find the course 20696C info here. Please take a good look at prerequisites that are essential before you take up this exam.

I want to enroll for SCCM course, but where should I enroll ?.

I often get this question and I always suggest to look for a Microsoft Learning Partner here. When you click the link, choose the country where you reside and it should show up official Microsoft training partners.

I want to setup SCCM lab for practice, what do I need ?.

The best way to learn SCCM is to start working on it. You can setup your own lab. Click this link to find what all do you need to setup configuration manager lab.

Where can I schedule 70-696 exam ?.

Visit this link and click Schedule Exam. You can then specify your details and schedule exam on a convenient date and location.

Are there any certification and exam offers ?.

Yes, you can find them here.

Where can I get SCCM 70-696 dumps ?.

I don’t recommend using or buying any dumps. Because there is no guarantee that you pass the exam and you might end up loosing money.

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