Download Microsoft LAPS Deployment Guides

This post contains the downloads links for Microsoft LAPS deployment guides. It covers installation, configuration and deployment of LAPS. You can download all the guides and I hope it helps while you deploy LAPS.

In my previous blog posts I have published posts on installing, configuring and deploying Microsoft LAPS. Using these step-by-step guides you can implement LAPS in your setup.

The deployment guides (PDF’s) were available for download from Microsoft Technet gallery.

However I noticed that downloads weren’t working since few months. I could see that from the Technet comments section. Hence I decided to upload these PDF’s on to OneDrive so that people can now download the guides without any issues.

The Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) provides management of local account passwords of domain joined computers. There are total four guides that you need to deploy Microsoft LAPS correctly in your setup.

Here is a brief overview of what each guide contains :-

  • Install and deploy LAPS Software – The first guide covers some basic concepts about Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS). It also includes Microsoft LAPS Prerequisites, Install and Deploy Microsoft LAPS Software.
  • Configure Active directory for LAPS – The second guide covers the steps to prepare Active Directory for implementing LAPS.
  • Configure Group Policy for LAPS – This is actually the final guide that shows the steps to configure group policy for LAPS. This is an important guide among all.
  • Deploy LAPS client Using SCCM – An additional guide the covers LAPS deployment using SCCM. This guide is useful when you have Configuration Manager installed in your setup.

Microsoft LAPS Deployment Guides Download

Click on the individual button to download the deployment guides. If you want to download all the LAPS deployment guides at once, click the button at the bottom.

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