How To Enable RankMath SEO Email Reports

In this post, I will show you how to enable RankMath SEO email reports. The SEO email reports are delivered right to your inbox and this is a very nice feature.

RankMath introduced the SEO email reporting feature in version 2.9.0 plugin update. The best thing is even the free version of the plugin has email reports feature that you can enable.

Before we go further, I would recommend reading the SEO email reporting post to understand more about this feature. This feature is optional but very useful, and you can enable it with just a few simple steps.

What are RankMath Detailed SEO Performance Reports?

The detailed SEO performance reports is a new feature by RankMath that lets you track changes related to website traffic, impressions, total keywords & average position. Furthermore, the plugin will deliver this information as Email reports at a set interval or frequency.

SEO Email Reporting Features – Business vs PRO

Like I mentioned earlier, the SEO email reporting feature is available for Free, Pro and Business users. However, there are few differences in terms of report features available in each of these plans.

The Business users get more features than PRO users while the Free users get the reports delivered to their inbox with limited features. I must admit that Business users have a lot more email report features when compared to PRO users.

Business users get the following exclusive features when you enable RankMath SEO email reports.

  • Report Email Address – Option to enter the destination email address. PRO users will receive their Email Reports to their ID used for activating the license on their website.
  • Report Email Subject Business – You can enter a custom email subject for reports.
  • Define Report Logo – You can set a logo for the report. Essentially, you can whitelabel the SEO Performance reports with a brand logo.
  • Report Header Background – Set a background color for your report header.
  • Link To Full Report – You can include a CTA at the end of the Email report.
  • Report Top Text – Add a custom text that you would like to display below the Title.
  • Include Data – Enable additional tables or data in SEO reports such as top winning posts, top winning keywords, basic summary etc.
  • Report Footer Text – You can add a custom text at the footer of your report using Report Footer Text field.
  • Additional CSS Code – An option to add CSS code to customize your entire report.

Prerequisites to SEO Email Reports

Before you enable RankMath SEO email reports, you must connect your website with Google Account services. That is a prerequisite, and you must configure your Search Console settings under Rank Math > General Settings > Analytics > Search Console.

PRO and Business users should connect their site with Google Analytics as well, which can be configured on the same page. If you have already enabled and configured the analytics feature, you can enable RankMath SEO email reports.

How To enable RankMath SEO Email Reports

The steps to enable RankMath SEO email reports are as follows.

  • Login to your WordPress site.
  • From the WordPress admin area, navigate to Rank Math > General Settings > Analytics.
  • Scroll down and look for Email Reports and enable the Email Reports.
  • Set the email frequency and click Save Changes.
Enable RankMath SEO Email Reports
Enable RankMath SEO Email Reports

The email frequency defines how often you receive the SEO reports by email. By default, the Email Frequency is set to set 30 days for everyone. Free plugin users cannot change the frequency, and it’s set to 30 days. While PRO and Business users and change the frequency of their email reports.

  • Free users – Receive Email Reports every 30 days
  • PRO – You can set email frequency to 15 or 30 days
  • Business – Can set email frequency to 7, 15 or 30 days

Note – PRO users will receive their email reports to their ID used for activating the license on their website.

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