Desktop Analytics Log Files for Troubleshooting

This short post covers the log files related to Desktop Analytics. While troubleshooting desktop analytics related issues, the log files play a very important. Let’s see what files do you need to refer when you are working with Desktop Analytics.

First of all let me cover what is Desktop Analytics. By definition Desktop Analytics is a cloud-based service. Using the insights provided by Desktop Analytics service, you can easily find the update readiness of your Windows clients.

You might have heard of Windows Analytics. The Desktop Analytics is same as Windows Analytics with the advantage that it integrates tightly with Configuration Manager.

To understand the benefits of using Desktop Analytics and the process to set it up, read this post. If you want integrate Configuration Manager with Desktop Analytics, check this post. To know about connection health dashboard read this post.

Have you noticed that when you first setup Desktop Analytics the DA portal may not show the data for first few days. The console shows that it can take 2-3 days to process the data.

Set up Desktop Analytics in the Azure portal

So what exactly happens during these first 72 hours.

  • The devices (Active devices) in your setup send diagnostic data to the Desktop Analytics service.
  • Once the data is sent, the Desktop Analytics service processes the data.
  • If you have connected ConfigMgr with Desktop Analytics, the service synchronizes with your Configuration Manager site.

List of Desktop Analytics Log Files

The Desktop Analytics log files are located under %ProgramFiles%\Configuration Manager\Logs\. The log files on the Configuration Manager client are in the following directory – %WinDir%\CCM\logs.

Altogether there are five log files out of which, four of them are located on server that hosts service connection point role. On the client machine there is only one log file.

Desktop Analytics Log FilesHere are the list of DA log files along with description and location of log files.

Desktop Analytics Log Files Description Log File Location
M365AHandler.log Logs information about the Desktop Analytics settings policy Client Machine – C:\Windows\CCM\Logs
M365AUploadWorker.log Information about collection and device upload from Configuration Manager to Microsoft cloud Service connection point
M365ADeploymentPlanWorker.log Logs information about deployment plan sync from Desktop Analytics cloud service to on-premises SCCM Service connection point
M365ADeviceHealthWorker.log Information about device health upload from Configuration Manager to Microsoft cloud Service connection point
SmsAdminUI.log Information about Configuration Manager console activity, like configuring the Azure cloud services Service connection point




  1. Hi Prajwal, Thanks for all your post. It is really helpful!. I am having an issue where Windows 7 devices are stuck and awaiting enrollement status. I have collected the logs and I can see “CompatTelRunner path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CompatTelRunner.exe not found or the feature is not enabled or the schedual interval is not current” Is this could be preventing from enrolment.

    Thanks in Advance!

      1. Thanks Prajwal.
        Yes we have only windows 7 estate. I have configured for some pilot machines collection for DA. The device is appearing new Device section of DA portal but it is over 72 hours and not showing as enrolled.



      2. Hi Prajwal,
        Thanks for your message. We only have windows 7 machines in estate and we have deployed the DA workspace settings to few pilot machine in Test collections. We could see couple of devices appear in new devices on DA portal but they are not showing as enrolled devices.


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