Configure Email Notification in SCCM Configuration Manager

In this post I will show you how to configure email notification in SCCM. It involves some basic steps which I am sure you can do it very easily. In SCCM you can configure email notification for alerts. You can also configure email notification for Configuration Manager reports which i will cover in a separate post. For now we will see about configuring email notification in configuration manager.

SMTP Server – SMTP server is a computer running SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). This sever acts more or less like a postman. When the user sends email via mail client, they are sent to this server. The SMTP server takes care of delivering emails to their recipients. Usually an outgoing server employs port 25 and that’s the default SMTP port.

How to Configure Email Notification in SCCM

To configure email notification in SCCM, perform the below steps.

  • Launch SCCM console.
  • Navigate to Monitoring > Overview > Alerts > Subscriptions.
  • Right click Subscriptions, click Configure Email Notification. In addition to that you can also click Configure Email Notification on top ribbon.

Configure Email Notification in SCCMIn the Email Notification Component Properties dialog box, specify the following information:

  • Enable email notification for alerts – Select this check box to enable SCCM to use an SMTP server to send email alerts.
  • FQDN or IP Address of the SMTP server to send email alerts – Enter either FQDN or IP address. Next is the SMTP port for the email server.The default SMTP port is 25.
  • SMTP Server Connection Account – Specify an account for SCCM to connect the email server.
  • Sender address for email alerts – Sender address is the email address from which alert emails are sent.

Click Apply. Now to check if SCCM can send email notification, click Test SMTP Server.

Configure Email Notification in SCCM

On Test SMTP Connection window, enter the test email recipient and click Send test email. This basically sends a test email to the email address specified in Sender address for email alerts.

Configure Email Notification in SCCM

If the email is sent, it shows Testing email was sent successfully. Please check your mailbox. Check your email inbox and you should have received an email. The subject of the email is “This is a Test Email for Alert Notification Sent from System Center Configuration Manager“.

Configure Email Notification in SCCM

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I have not tried this yet but may I know who gets the email alerts?


If the test email failed to connect to server what are the conditions to verify?

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