Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006

Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006 is out. This update includes new functionality or features and fixes for known issues.

To install SCCM Technical Preview 2006, you must first install ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2002. Version 2002 is also a baseline version.

You can directly upgrade ConfigMgr tech preview version 2002 to 2006 and skip the previous releases. For a list of all technical preview builds and install guides, refer the following link –

New Features in SCCM Technical Preview 2006

Listed below are some of the new features included with SCCM technical preview 2006 release. To know more about each feature refer this article.

  • Use the Company Portal app on co-managed devices – With this new feature, you can now use a preview version of the Company Portal on co-managed devices.
  • Management insights to optimize for remote workers – When you install SCCM tech preview 2006, you will find 3 new management insights for remote workers.
  • Define VPN boundary groups.
  • Configure VPN connected clients to prefer cloud based content sources.
  • Disable peer to peer content sharing for VPN connected clients.
  • CMG support for endpoint protection policies – Clients that communicate via a CMG can immediately apply endpoint protection policies without an active connection to Active Directory.
  • Direct links to Configuration Manager Community hub items.

Improvements in ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2006

You will several improvements in ConfigMgr tech preview version 2006.

  • Improvements to available apps via CMG.
  • Intranet clients can use a CMG software update point – The Intranet clients can now access a CMG software update point when it’s assigned to the boundary group. 
  • CMG task sequence Improvements – Using a task sequence you can now deploy an OS. Note that you can deploy it to a device that communicates via CMG. Most of all the user needs to start the task sequence from Software Center.
  • Improvements to VPN boundary type – You can now create more than one VPN boundary. In addition, you can also detect the connection by the VPN name or description.
  • Improvements to Configuration Manager actions in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  • Managing device restarts – you can now configure client settings to prevent devices from automatically restarting when a deployment requires it.
  • Improved support for Windows Virtual Desktop.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006

Let’s install the Configuration Manager technical preview 2006.

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing.
  • Right-click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006 and click Install Update Pack.
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006

On the General page, I am going to ignore any prerequisite check warnings since this is a tech preview version. Click Next.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006
Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006

Click Next. On the Completion page, click Close. While the update 2006 installs, you can monitor the installation in the Monitoring workspace. Go to Monitoring\Overview\Updates and Servicing Status. Right click the ConfigMgr technical preview 2006 update and click Show Status. In the next step refresh or close and re-open the console. You will be prompted to upgrade the console. After the console upgrade, open console and check About Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

  • Version 2006 for Technical Preview
  • Console version – 5.2010.1022.1000
  • Site version – 5.0.9024.1000

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