ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176 – Early Update Ring

We have a new ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176 released by Microsoft. The hotfix KB4594176 is the first SCCM 2010 early update ring hotfix.

KB 4594176 is an update for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2010, early update ring. If you opted in through a PowerShell script to the early update ring deployment for ConfigMgr 2010, this hotfix is for you. The KB4594176 update addresses important issues that were resolved after SCCM 2010 became available globally.

Note – The KB 4594176 update does not apply to sites that downloaded version 2010 on December 12, 2020, or a later date. Therefore, you may not find the update listed in the Configuration Manager console.

After you install KB 4594176 update, you don’t need to restart your server. However the update will initiate a site reset after installation. Prior to installing this update, it is recommended to restart the console. This is to avoid a potential timing-related exception between the Configuration Manager console and the SMS Provider.

If you can running version 1906 or later, you can upgrade to SCCM 2010. It comes with lots of new features and improvements over previous release.

Issues fixed in SCCM 2010 Hotfix KB4594176

Some of the important issues addressed in Hotfix KB4594176 include.

  • After you create multiple orchestration groups, only the first group works as expected. Clients that belong to other orchestration groups beyond the first will receive incorrect policy.
  • Users can only delete a collection if they have the Full Administrator security role. This is true even if they own the collection and otherwise would have authority to perform the deletion.
  • If you have a highly available site server and you update to version 2010, the site server in passive mode fails to update. This issue is due to a change in the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) for Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection.
  • The Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly when viewing the preview of query results with a large result set.
  • The Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly if there is a zero-byte ConsoleUsage-{date}-{time}.xml file under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ConfigMgr10.
    If this issue occurs, check for and delete the zero-byte file.
  • After onboarding to Desktop Analytics, The Importance value of apps does not appear in the Apps tab of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. In addition, apps deployed with Configuration Manager may not be listed on the Apps tab at all.
  • If you use a PKI-based certificate for operating system boot media, configure it for SHA256 with the Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES provider. For globally available version 2010, this certificate configuration is recommended but not required. The certificate can be a v3(CNG) certificate.
  • Device compliance status on the Software Update Dashboard may show an incorrect count of devices and incorrect compliance percentage.

About Configuration Manager Hotfix KB4594176

  • Name of the hotfix – Configuration Manager 2010 Hotfix (KB4594176)
  • Full Version – 5.00.9040.1016
  • New Client Version – 5.00.9040.1015

Install ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176

  • Launch the ConfigMgr console.
  • Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing node.
  • Run a prerequisite check before installing the update directly.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 2010 Hotfix KB4594176 and click Install Update Pack.
Install ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176
Install ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176

Since I am installing this update in my lab, I am ignoring prerequisite check warnings. Click Next.

Install SCCM 2010 Hotfix KB4594176
Install SCCM 2010 Hotfix KB4594176

Accept the License terms and click Next. On the Completion window, click Close.

Install Configuration Manager 2010 Hotfix KB4594176
Install Configuration Manager 2010 Hotfix KB4594176

You can go to Monitoring workspace to monitor the update installation progress.

Hotfix KB4594176 Installation Progress
Hotfix KB4594176 Installation Progress

Finally you must upgrade the Configuration Manager console. Click OK to upgrade the old console version 5.2010.1093.1800 to new version 5.2010.1093.1900.

ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176 Console Upgrade
ConfigMgr 2010 Hotfix KB4594176 Console Upgrade

Most of all, ensure all the client agents are updated to latest version. Under Hierarchy Settings, select the client upgrade and configure the client upgrade settings.

The production client agent version after installing Configuration Manager Hotfix KB4594176 will be 5.00.9040.1015.

Configuration Manager Hotfix KB4594176
Configuration Manager Hotfix KB4594176

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