Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

This post provides an info on early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992. There is an early wave update for System Center Configuration Manager version 1606. Administrators who opted-in to the early wave deployment for System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version 1606, will have this update available in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console. This update was made available on August 5, 2016 and addresses critical, late-breaking issues that were discovered during the final release process for version 1606.

Note :- Before you install this update, please read the below points.

a) This update does not apply to sites that update or install version 1606 after August 3, 2016.

b) You do not have to restart the computer after you apply this update.

c) This hotfix does not replace any previously released hotfix.

Issues fixed in Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

a) When you select the Update all clients in the hierarchy using production client option on the Client Upgrade tab of Hierarchy Settings Properties, an exception occurs.

b) Software update installation freezes on System Center Configuration Manager clients

c) The Production and Preproduction Client Deployment dashboards show inaccurate client counts.

d) After you upgrade a site to version 1606, the Service Connection Point incorrectly shows an error state that indicates the role is not available.

e) When you distribute a software update package that contains many updates (500 or more) to a Pull Distribution Point, the SMS Agent Host process (ccmexec.exe) stops responding. On examination, the ccmexec.exe thread count, as seen through Task Manager or other tools, shows that approximately 512 threads that are used.

f) The SMS Agent Host (ccmexec.exe) process consumes excessive CPU resources on Pull Distribution Points after you update to version 1606.

g) The Device Compliance section of the Software Center application may incorrectly show a state of Compliant. This affects only the user interface and not the actual compliance state of the device.

Installing Configuration Manager 1606 Hotfix KB3180992

Launch the ConfigMgr Console. Click on Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing. Right click on Updates and Servicing and click Check for Updates. Wait for the update to appear. Right click on the Configuration Manager 1606 Hotfix (KB3180992) and click Run prerequisite check.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

Open the ConfigMgrPrereq.log located in the C drive to monitor the prerequisite check process. Wait until the process is complete. If the check is successful then you will find a line in the log file which reads “Prerequisite checking is completed“.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

Next, right click on the update and click Install Update Pack.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

You will see a wizard that helps you to configure and install the update. Click Next.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

In the below step you have an option to upgrade the Configuration Manager without validating. If you choose this step it will overwrite your ConfigMgr client package with new version from the update. The second option is to validate in pre-production collection. This is basically to test the upgrade on a test collection first and then deploy it to production if everything is good. I am choosing the first option here, click Next.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

Accept the license terms and click Next. Close the wizard.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

Once the update is installed, the state of the update is changed to Installed (Refresh the Updates and Servicing node).

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

Automatic Client Upgrade – When you enable the Automatic client upgrade, your client will be upgraded automatically within number of days that you specify. To do this click on Administration > Site Configuration > Sites. Click on the Hierarchy Settings button on the top ribbon. Click Client Upgrade tab and check the box Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client. Select the desired number of days you want your upgrade to be run and click OK. A schedule task will be created on the clients and run within the specified number of days.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992

Let’s take a look at one of the client agent properties. If the client agent is upgraded successfully, you will notice that Version is 5.00.8412.1007.

Early wave update for SCCM 1606 KB3180992


  1. Hm… in my hierarchie settings, the server shows me the wrong version:5.00.8412.1000

    But on my client I got the version: 5.00.8412.1007 do you have any idea what is wrong here?

  2. Avatar photo Brett Dawson says:

    Thanks for the write up! Will the console be updated too?

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