Configuration Manager OSD PXE Boot shows MTFTP

Configuration Manager OSD PXE Boot shows MTFTP – Just few days ago, I came across an Configuration Manager OSD issue. In one of the remote location, the PXE boot wasn’t working correctly. The local site engineer told me that on network boot, the client picks up the IP address correctly. However it displays MTFTP….. and the dots continue for long time.

After few minutes, there is MTFTP timeout and then OSD begins. The below screenshot best describes this issue. You can see that the client has acquired the IP address from DHCP server. But instead of TFTP, we see MTFTP.

Configuration Manager OSD PXE Boot shows MTFTPFirst of all let’s understand what is MTFTP. MTFTP stands for Multicast Trivial File Transfer Protocol. MTFTP is used by clients and servers to exchange vendor specific information. There are cases where customer needs DHCP option 043 to be configured in DHCP server. I have seen the usage of DHCP option 043 during Lync server deployments. The MTFTP option can be configured under DHCP scope options. Select the option 043 called Vendor specific option to enable MTFTP.

Configuration Manager OSD PXE Boot shows MTFTP

The solution to this issue was to remove the option 43 that was configured. One of the site engineer had configured the DHCP option 43. The vendor specific info value was added in DHCP server. Therefore after removing the DHCP option 43, the issue was resolved. Consider a situation where an organization requires both these options to be configured and enabled. Furthermore one can think of a workaround where you create a new DHCP scope and do not enable Option 43. While that’s not the solution though, in such cases it is recommended to use IP helpers rather than using the DHCP scope options.

Configuration Manager OSD PXE Boot shows MTFTP

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vinay ShivaShankar
vinay ShivaShankar

HI Prajwal, We are getting the following error while imaging a bare metal using PXE . “No response from Windows Deployment Services Server” 1)IP Helper settings 2)Option 66 and Option 67 in DHCP server (As the DHCP and DP are not on the same server) 3)Distribution of the boot image 4)Reinstallation of WDS is already done and reconfiguration of PXE is already performed 5)Certificates are imported 6)DP is added to admin group in the site server , MP and vice versa I have also attached the logs from the Distribution Point Logs from SMSPXE] Recv From:[] Len:291 123d570 SMSPXE… Read more »

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