Tips for Passing TEAS Test | Test of Essential Academic Skills

This post covers some tips for Passing TEAS Test. TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. Let’s understand more about TEAS and tips for passing TEAS test.

What is TEAS?

TEAS stands for “Test of Essential Academic Skills“. It is basically a multiple-choice exam which is conducted for the students who are applying for different nursing schools in the United States of America. The exam determines the general ability of the students to adjust to a comprehensive nursing program. The test is administered and held by the Assessment technologies institute. The total duration of this examination is 209 minutes and the number of questions is 170. The topics covered during the exam are related to English language, reading, science, maths, and usage.

Tips for Passing TEAS Test – TEAS Test Materials

The test covers the basic subjects that have been learned by the nursing student during the high school. The basic purpose of this test is to assess how good a nursing student will do in the nursing school based on his TEAS score. The subjects that are primarily covered in the exam are as follows :-

  • The first section of the exam is English. In this section, the student’s knowledge pertaining to spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, contextual words, and grammar is assessed. The section contains 55 questions.
  • The second section is that of mathematics. The section contains questions related to metric conversion, ratios, algebraic equations, percentages, and decimals. The number of questions in this section is 45.
  • The third section consists of questions that are related to science. The majority of questions are linked to physical principles, general science, biology, chemistry, and physiology. The section contains 30 questions.
  • The last section is linked with reading in which a student is asked questions related to inferences, comprehension, passage comprehension and conclusions. The number of questions in this section is 40.

TEAS Test Dynamics

As mentioned earlier, the test contains 170 questions and for a normal student, it does take around 3 hours to complete the test. The test is held on the computer, however, there are some nursing schools which take it on a piece of paper.

Teas Practice Test:

TEAS Preparation Process

To clear the TEAS exam you need to prepare for it. This post will help you with tips for passing TEAS test. In the headings below we have mentioned some important tips through which you can easily clear this test.

Give the test early

It does not matter whether you want to develop your career in nursing or not, it is recommended that you should give the TEAS exam earlier in your career. When we say earlier in your career then we mean that you should appear for the test at the beginning of your undergraduate studies. It is very much possible that you won’t be able to clear the test in the first appearance however it will surely be a great learning experience for you. You will learn from your mistakes and will be better prepared the next time you give this exam.

Early registration

If you are serious about clearing the TEAS test, then it is highly recommended that you should get yourself registered early. Early registration means that you can prepare well before the actual exam commences. ATI will provide you a proper study guide once you register with them. The study guide provided by ATI is very rich and after going through it you can easily give the TEAS test. The study guide makes you calm and collected since you already know how to solve the questions.

ATI resources

ATI provides you with numerous resources that can be very useful as far as preparing for the TEAS test is concerned. The majority of the resources provided by ATI are linked to study guides and practice tests.

It is better that you give the practice test when you start your actual preparation. Giving the initial practice test will highlight you your weak points and you will know the areas which you need to focus on from the very beginning. Once you have highlighted your focus areas, its time that you give some time to the study material. The more you go through the material the more confident you will be on the day of examination.

It is preferred that you should take another practice exam about a week before the examination. The test will actually show you your true colors. If you are able to score well in the final practice test then understand that your chances of clearing the TEAS exam are very bright.

The Test Day

Do not take any kind of stress a day before the test. You have prepared for a good period of time and there is no need to spend the whole night studying. Take a good night sleep and wake up early in the morning. Have your normal breakfast and ensure that you remain hydrated throughout the exam.

Finally, ensure that you do not get late, be punctual and reach the test center at least 20 minutes before the exam. ATI is very strict on test rules and it will not allow you to take the exam if you are late. Some of the things which you need to bring along with you on the exam date are your pencil, valid photo id and the registration receipt.


There is no reason to be afraid of the TEAS test as long as you have prepared well. Do not discard this article once the exam is finished. The preparation techniques which we have mentioned here will be very helpful for you particularly when you appear for the exam at the conclusion of your nursing program.

Well, what are you waiting for?. Reading this article will not do the job for you. If you are serious about this exam then you need to prepare hard. You cannot take this exam lightly. you need to prepare for it with proper planning. In terms of the preparation material, you best friend is ATI. From practice tests to guidebooks, you will find all the important stuff from the website of ATI. If you think that you are already well prepared, then do not waste time and give this test at the earliest!.

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