SCCM Life Cycle and Support End Dates for CB versions

Take a look at the SCCM life cycle and support end dates for CB versions. You must upgrade to the most recent version of the current branch to receive updates and fixes.

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SCCM Support End Dates for Current Branch Versions

In this article, I will list the SCCM life cycle and support end dates for all the ConfigMgr current branch versions. I will also list the SCCM servicing timeline details that include the release dates for ConfigMgr’s current branch versions, along with specifics about the baseline version.

The support end dates are significant when determining whether Microsoft supports a given version of SCCM. If your Configuration Manager version is no longer supported, you must upgrade to the most recent version of the current branch to receive updates and fixes.

What happens when the SCCM version expires?

So, what happens when a SCCM current branch version reaches the end of its support lifecycle? The answer is: Configuration Manager will not receive any updates, which puts your environment at greater risk. Therefore, you must always ensure the Configuration Manager is upgraded to the latest version.

For example, support for Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM) version 2207 expired on February 12, 2024. If you are still running version 2207, you should upgrade to the next version because you will not receive any updates.

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Support for ConfigMgr Current Branch Versions

As per the new SCCM release schedule, Microsoft will release 2 current branch updates every year. Typically, we see at least three current branch releases for SCCM CB per year. There will be four ConfigMgr Technical Preview (TP) releases per year. Two will be released before each production release, with one of the technical preview releases serving as a baseline release. (TP baseline is a 180-day evaluation.)

It’s important to know that each SCCM current branch update version stays supported for 18 months after its date of general availability. Microsoft provides technical support for the entire period of support.

If you are running an older version of Configuration Manager, ensure that you check the supported upgrade paths for SCCM and upgrade to the relevant current branch version. Also, make sure you’re running the SQL Server versions that Configuration Manager supports.

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Servicing Phases for SCCM Current Branch Versions

There are two distinct servicing phases that depend on the availability of the latest current branch version:

  • Security and Critical Updates servicing phase (Mainstream Support): With the latest current branch versions of Configuration Manager, you’ll receive both Security and Critical Updates. Typically, every current branch version of Configuration Manager will receive 4 months of security and critical updates.
  • Security Updates (Only) servicing phase (Extended Support): After the release of a new SCCM current branch version, Microsoft only supports security updates to older versions for the remainder of that version’s support lifecycle.

Note: The terms “SCCM mainstream support” and “SCCM extended support” are not used by Microsoft anymore. They have now been replaced by the servicing phases for Security and Critical updates and Security updates only for current branch versions.

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SCCM Servicing Support Timeline

The below screenshot illustrates the SCCM servicing support timeline, listing the servicing phases for each current branch version. For instance, the SCCM 2207 version will receive security and critical updates for 4 months after its release. And for the next 14 months, it will receive only security updates.

SCCM Life Cycle and Support End Dates for CB versions
SCCM Life Cycle and Support End Dates for CB versions | Servicing Support Timeline

SCCM Life Cycle and Support End Dates for CB versions

The below table lists the Configuration Manager lifecycle for all the current branch versions, including the availability date and support end date. The table will be updated as and when the newer versions of SCCM are released and the older versions go out of support.

SCCM versionAvailability dateSupport End Date
2403 (5.00.9128)April 22, 2024October 22, 2025
2309 (5.00.9122)October 9, 2023April 9, 2025
2303 (5.00.9106)April 10, 2023October 10, 2024
2211 (5.00.9096)December 5, 2022June 5, 2024
2207 (5.00.9088)August 12, 2022February 12, 2024
2203 (5.00.9078)April 8, 2022October 8, 2023
2111 (5.00.9068)December 1, 2021June 1, 2023
2107 (5.00.9058)August 2, 2021February 2, 2023
2103 (5.00.9049)April 5, 2021October 5, 2022
2010 (5.00.9040)November 30, 2020May 30, 2022
2006 (5.00.9012)August 11, 2020February 11, 2022
2002 (5.00.8968)April 1, 2020October 1, 2021
1910 (5.00.8913)November 29, 2019May 29, 2021
1906 (5.00.8853)July 26, 2019January 26, 2021
1902 (5.00.8790)March 27, 2019September 27, 2020
1810 (5.00.8740)November 27, 2018December 1, 2020
1806 (5.00.8692)July 31, 2018January 31, 2020
1802 (5.00.8634)March 22, 2018September 22, 2019
1710 (5.00.8577)November 20, 2017May 20, 2019
1706 (5.00.8540)July 31, 2017July 31, 2018
1702 (5.00.8498)March 27, 2017March 27, 2018
1610 (5.00.8458)November 18, 2016November 18, 2017
1606 with KB3186654
October 12, 2016October 12, 2017
1606 (5.00.8412.1000)July 22, 2016July 22, 2017
1602 (5.00.8355)March 11, 2016March 11, 2017
1511 (5.00.8325)December 8, 2015December 8, 2016
SCCM Life Cycle and Support End Dates for CB versions
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