Remove TPM (Trusted Platform Module) from a Virtual Machine

With few simple steps, you can remove TPM (Trusted Platform Module) from a virtual machine. If you have encrypted a virtual machine and enabled Trusted Platform Module on it, you can remove it easily.

In my previous post, I showed you how to enable TPM on a virtual machine. Enabling TPM on a VM requires you to encrypt the virtual machine first and then enable the TPM module.

However, while removing the Trusted Platform Module on a virtual machine, you don’t need to decrypt the VM. You can remove the trusted platform module while the VM is in encrypted state.

The below steps are performed on a virtual machine created using VMware workstation pro 15.5. Also note that you can add or remove TPM device on an encrypted virtual machine with a minimum hardware version of 14 that uses the UEFI firmware type.

Before removing TPM, you can check the TPM status and version on the VM. Login to OS and type TPM.msc in the run command and press enter. This opens the TPM management on local computer. Under Status it shows TPM is ready for use. For TPM version, look for the details under TPM Manufacturer Information.

Check TPM version
Check TPM version

Remove TPM from a Virtual Machine

To remove Trusted Platform Module (TPM) from a virtual machine.

  • First of all power off the virtual machine.
  • select VM > Settings.
  • Select Trusted Platform Module and click Remove. Click OK.

If you wish to re-enable or add the TPM on the virtual machine, under VM settings, select Trusted platform module and click Add.

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  1. I don’t like the warning ‘Removing TPM with render all encrypted data on this VM unrecoverable’ when I want to remove TPM.
    Is the data on VMDK file accessible after removing TPM and if so why this warning?


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