Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated software

This post is a software review of a product named iTunesKey. iTunesKey is a software to recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated software. iTunes is Apple’s music and video management software and quite popular software. Most people encrypt an iPhone backup in iTunes and tend to forget the backup password. Without the password it is impossible to restore the data and your data becomes inaccessible.

To recover the forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated software, iTunesKey is the right solution. iTunesKey can crack iTunes backup password much faster through GPU acceleration. However ensure you test iTunesKey on a computer which has a video graphics card with GPU support. iTuneskey is compatible with all the modern OS and more info about it is here. The latest version of iTunesKey works with all versions of iTunes, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Note – The demo version has limitations compared to full version. The demo version of software recovers only passwords that are less than 4 characters in length. Also, Dictionary Attack mode is not available in demo version.

iTunes Backup Password Location

By default when you use iTunes to make an encrypted backup of your iPhone/iPad/iPod in Windows, the backup password is saved as Manifest.plist. The location of file depends on OS that you use.

Windows 10/8/7/Vista – C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\{Backup_ID}

Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\{user_name}\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\{Backup_ID}

iTunesKey Password Recovery Methods

The iTunesKey software supports three password recovery methods and they are as follows.

  • Brute-force attack – This is the strongest password cracking method. This method takes lot of time and resources to crack password. Hence use this option to crack very complex passwords.
  • Mask attack – Since brute force attack is time consuming, if you can recall part of the password, the Mask attack is the best choice.
  • Dictionary attack –  Works by trying all the possible combinations of dictionary words. Compared to Brute Force Attack, the Dictionary attack is much faster .

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated software

Download iTunesKey software and install it on your computer. To download latest version of iTunesKey, click here. Launch the iTunesKey program.

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated softwareClick the button to select the Manifest.plist from your iTunes backup location.

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated softwareTo recover the password, select an attack method and then click the Next button to continue.

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated softwareSuppose you decide to recover iTunes backup password using dictionary method, you have to provide path to dictionary files. Most of all dictionary attack works in most cases because many people choose passwords which are short and mostly single words in a dictionary. You can use either default dictionary or your own ones. You can get most updated dictionary files for free if you browse internet. If you choose to use dictionary attack method, refer the below screenshot as reference.

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated softwareIn case you had set a complex password and you don’t remember it, you can go with brute force attack method. You specify password length, character sets and there are many other options as well. So based on these character sets, brute force attack runs it algorithm and attempts to recover you iTunes backup password.

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated softwareThe below screenshot is seen when you choose mask attack method to recover forgotten iTunes backup password. As mentioned earlier, choose this attack method only when you recall or know a part of your password.

Recover forgotten iTunes backup password with GPU accelerated softwareOnce you decide and choose the password method, click Next. The iTunesKey software begins to crack the password. Note that it uses GPU acceleration to crack passwords more faster than other softwares.

You can see that forgotten iTunes backup password was recovered successfully.

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Hiren Sindhav

Hi bro,
Unfortunately when I am trying to restore my iphone, itunes say password is wrong. I tried my all password till date used for my security. Please bro help me to recover this password. As I have so much memory stored in this back up. I’ll reward you that. Please bro this is kindly request.

Jessica Lee

I had no idea that GPU accelerated software can recover forgotten iTunes backup, I did everything that has been said in the article and it worked for me.

Sunil Sharma

Hi Prajwal, I really need some help here

Sunil Sharma

Hi Prajval, Good day. I need your help in recovering my encryption password for itunes, Can i send you the plist file. I will of course reward you for your time.


Can you help me with this please.


Hi Prajwal… I need your help.
I’m unsuccessful in understanding the process.
Please, help me.
I don’t mind rewarding you for your time.


Hi Prajwal

Thanks for the article. Unfortunately I run a very bad computer with poor GPU. If I send you the Manifest file, can you run it for me? I can reward you too.

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